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Steve Wozniak to Keynote Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles

Sep 4, 2018 at 16:16

The world’s largest investment focused cryptocurrency and blockchain event, Crypto Invest Summit (CIS), announces today that Steve Wozniak will be the headline keynote. CIS is leading an effort to open up mainstream access to crypto and blockchain, which until now has been for insiders and techies. They believe Woz can help them on that mission.

CIS Sponsors and partners include Totle, Netki, Optimum, BitIRA, Aurora (IDEX), CNBC Crypto Trader, GHV, Onchain Capital, Struck Capital, Gumi Cryptos, Krowdster, Wavemaker Genesis, DNA and American Airlines.

Other CIS speakers include Tim Draper, Crystal Rose, Rodney Sampson, David Bleznak, David Weild, Adam Draper, Jeremy Gardner, Emily Bush, Ran Neu-Ner, Miko Matsumura, Tegan Kline, Alex Wearn, Steven McKie, Yossi Hasson and Scott Walker.

Apple’s co-founder is an early blockchain and cryptocurrency supporter, and a global activist for decentralization, fairness, and distribution – the primary benefits of crypto and blockchain.

Preparing for his keynote fireside chat, Wozniak said “I am very excited to speak about the potential for Bitcoin and blockchain at Crypto Invest Summit. I want to speak with the biggest players in the blockchain community, and challenge them to make innovative products that create utility – and then bring real value to their users.”

Woz speaks up for innovation, and challenges tech giants. When Jobs didn’t want to share Apple stock with early employees, Woz famously gave $10 million of his own away. He called out Mark Zuckerberg for taking advantage of users, and abandoned his Facebook account. He touted Elon Musk for too much hype over delivery, and Uber/Lyft for not paying their drivers enough.

“No one demonstrates innovation and distributing its rewards to those who helped build it more than the Woz.” says Alon Goren, co-founder of CIS and crypto fund veteran. “That is the fundamental spirit behind why so many of us were drawn to the cryptocurrency community. To do it right, everyone is incentivized and rewarded for participation.”

There has been over $1.3 billion in global venture deals for blockchain companies in the first five months of 2018 (excluding ICOs). Goren notes, “The summit brings this money to Los Angeles.”

CIS’s co-founder, Josef Holm, emphasizes the candidness of the event. “We want Woz and the audience to debate and discuss blockchain technology and its applications. Our platform is for candid conversations, fostering relationships, and deal flow. Ten people from the audience will get to ask Woz questions. The whole point is to learn things at the summit that cannot be easily searched for on google.”

ABOUT Crypto Invest Summit: Sold-out in 2017, CIS, comes back to the Los Angeles Convention Center on October 22nd. The summit brings together angel investors, venture capital investors, retail investors, family offices, real estate investors, startups/entrepreneurs, issuers, exchanges, broker-dealers, service providers, and members of the media. Previous headliners include Tim Draper, Crystal Rose, Mance Harmon, Ran Neu-Ner, Marcus Lemonis, Robert Herjavec, David Siemer, Bill Barhydt, Scott Walker, Adam Draper, and Apolo Ohno.