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Markets: 33,885
ICO's: 4,983
Market Cap: $357,760,712,499
24h Vol: $93,855,325,220
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# Name Status End Requirements Rewards

Aluna.Social is a multi-exchange social trading terminal for cryptocurrency traders and investors. We combine a social network with an API trading platform i...

ACTIVE 14 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 500 USD
Lesp888 Platform

Lesp888 Platform is a Free Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, the user can share posts and photos, create group chat and much more.

ACTIVE 14 Nov 2021 β‰ˆ 1 USD

WacPorium is an ERC20 token called WAC, that can be used for many purposes by our community. Our goal is to make our community huge and make the project a su...

ACTIVE 20 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 5 USD

Payshares is an open source protocol for exchange, payments, and remittance forged by Kedia. Its base components include an open distributed ledger system a...

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 1 USD
Ternoa Token

Ternoa allows your memories to travel through future generations as digital time capsules on Blockchain. With Ternoa, you can send messages and picture throu...

ACTIVE 28 Feb 2021 β‰ˆ 2 USD

Nagaswap is an of the Binance smart chain – a decentralized network for projects that need external devops and for external teams to find Binance smart cha...

ACTIVE 19 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 75 USD

KnifeSwap is the intersection of all swap platforms to date. Like many other swap platforms, KnifeSwap has also adopted the Automated Market Maker(AMM) model...

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 100 USD
Cere Finance

Pioneering Decentralized Data and DeFi. Cere Finance is an erc-20 token built under the Ethereum blockchain network with a total supply of 40.000 coins.

ACTIVE 15 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 55 USD
Wiki Simplify

It is an open-source protocol based on the ERC20 network . Allows carriers to pay through different online payment gateways. Different stores such as Amazon ...

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 7.5 USD
Mingles Token

Mingle token is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on the wave blockchain which will disrupt the existing mode of sending gifts across the globe to loved o...

ACTIVE 05 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 250 USD

UTRON Defi is developed as a cutting-edge solution for the mining industry. Its mission is to engage passionate individuals and enterprises to access the ind...

ACTIVE 04 Jan 2021 β‰ˆ 5 USD
Task Token

Task Token (TSK) Is A SimpleLedger (SLP) Token version of the BitcoinCash (BCH) Blockchain. That aim to start it's own and one of a kind platform and game

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 1,250 USD

YFXL is an innovative yield aggregator for DeFi lending platforms that rebalances for highest yield during contract interaction with lending protocols. The a...

ACTIVE 10 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 1,200 USD

Seseral offers worldwide investment solutions for all the investors and newcomers in crypto-world by its own crypto-asset named SSL which can be a decentrali...

ACTIVE 15 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 7.2 USD

YFIMX is building a futuristic fintech platform. We will give a simple User experience to our daily users to grow their wealth through our highly sophisticat...

ACTIVE 30 May 2021 β‰ˆ 70 USD
Tro Network

Tro.Network is an ER-20 based defi project that's aim is to give profit to all user. Tro.Network is promising to give profit to everyone and that will b...

ACTIVE 20 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 25 USD

BitcashPay is secure Blockchain infrastructure network platforms and DeFi ecosystems for cashless transaction.

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 7 USD

Cryptoads free blog

ACTIVE 01 Jan 2021 β‰ˆ 2.4 USD
DLT Token

DLT TOKEN is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It accelerates growth of start-up companies by offering t...

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 15 USD

Epcoin is a social platform that works similarly to other social media. It is transparent and easy to use. What distinguishes us from others is the fact that...

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 10 USD

Chronicle is an ERC-20 token from the Ethereum network to serve the needy Chronicle a cryptocurrency charity project deployed on the Ethereum blockchain to ...

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2020 β‰ˆ 30 USD

Nifex is an ultimate Cryptocurrency trading platform with super fast trading engine with one click live chat like ever before our project still unfold more u...

ACTIVE 02 Feb 2021 β‰ˆ 25 USD
Fanatics Cash

The Fanatics Crypto is a company that has been around since 2018, offering various services to cryptocurrencies' users and other stakeholders. Fanatics ...

ACTIVE 31 Dec 2022 β‰ˆ 17.5 USD
Proof Of Trade

POT is an open automated investment platform that insures 0.5-0.6% daily to investors, our trading robot is executing orders on HitBTC and gaining profit 24/...

ACTIVE 01 Jan 2021 β‰ˆ 8 USD