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The Music Industry is About to Change Forever


With its antiquated business model and closed system, the music industry is poised for a blockchain disruption. Enter Dropd, where artists will be able to create, promote, distribute and monetize their music without the need for an agent or a record label. Dropd users will be able to crowd promote and re-drop songs to their followers both inside and outside of the application. Dropd will enable both artists and listeners to directly connect, interact, discover and participate in a visionary music platform. Dropd 2.0 is a music application that will use an open-source cryptographic token, symbol DPD. It will launch off the Tokenlab ICO creation platform on the Expanse.Tech blockchain.

About Dropd

Dropd is a patent pending music platform unlike any other in existence today. A place where people of all ages and countries go to listen to their favorite artists, discover new artists, connect with each other and for many, generate income. A place where good music, whether from a famous artist or a complete unknown can rise to the top and be monetized instantly. A place where all users can participate in the success of artists while rising in status themselves. A place where the market determines who is popular, not huge corporations.

Dropd’s vision will include all these things and much more. Dropd will be orders of magnitude greater than an ordinary music app, Dropd will be revolutionary. By the time this project is complete, the music industry will be changed forever.

The Team

Vin Foresta


Sueane Mun


Patrick Feeney


Patrick Feeney


Peter Allan


Terrence Nirmaier


Christopher Franko

Borderless Corp., Inc. CEO, Expanse Co-founder

Marcia Lewis

Chief Administrative Officer

Scott Williams

Project Management Office Director

Asim Ashfaq

Lead TokenLab Architect


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