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BehaviourExchange (PreICO)

BehaviourExchange (PreICO)



BehaviourExchange will enable B2C businesses to identify visitors and their personal characteristics when they visit their website. With the help of blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency BEX, BehaviourExchange will offer services to any company, not only to advertisers who pay for advertising campaigns. Businesses will know who their visitors are in real-time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They will be able to customize the website’s content in real time and engage with visitors proactively, offering information about products or services that correlate with their needs and interests. Every single visitor will see different content, products or services when visiting a certain website, which results in a valuable personalized interaction that will more likely lead to a desired action (e.g. the purchase of a product or service). The BehaviourExchange monthly subscription fee will vary from a few dollars per month up to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the desired details, the volume of traffic, size of the company and the type of industry. This service will be available to millions of B2C companies around the globe that wish to benefit from real-time profiling. BehaviourExchange as a decentralized business model will revolutionize the way companies do business. With the help of Blockchain technology and token economy we will offer profiling in a decentralised manner, similar to what Google and Facebook are offering now in a highly centralised way. And we ensured to be GDPR ready before the new legislation will come into force.

About BehaviourExchange (PreICO)

We will incentivize companies to pay for their monthly service in BEX tokens instead of fiat currency by offering them a substantial discount for doing so. This will ensure the constant circulation of BEX tokens from token holders to millions of companies, from millions of companies to us, and then back to the market.

The token holders will be able to activate their profile. Then they’ll be able to update and actively manage their profile and in exchange for that, they’ll receive a part of the newly inflation-created tokens.

Furthermore, we will also incentivize websites to join the BEX partner network. Each such partner will be able to install our widget and enjoy the benefits of free traffic flow from other websites in the network or just a tracking code. Those sites that will keep a predefined number of tokens will be rewarded, which will incentivize them to keep a part of the tokens for the long term and therefore inhibit supply.

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The Team

Marijan Jurenec


Peter Kresnik

Director of Sales

Barbara Vtič


Mitja Doma


Gašper Zadnik, Phd

Data Scientist

Lili Cizelj

Business Intelligence Manager

Andraž Zupančič

Project manager - BehaviourExchange

Maša Vozlič

Psychologist for Big Data Profiling

Eva Jurenec


Štefan Furlan, Phd

Blockchain advisor

Joseph Nardone

Blockchain expert

Yagub Rahimov

Blockchain ICO Consultant

Christian Ellul, PhD

Legal Advisor

Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi

ICO Advisor and Strategist

Malcolm Tan

ICO & Legal Advisor

Arda Kutsal

ICO Advisor & Influencer

David Drake

ICO Advisor


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1 BEX = 0.10 USD
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