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First cryptocurrency for porn sites


The first cryptocurrency for fast online payment, realized through a decentralized Lightning Network solution.


To introduce blockchain technologies into everyday life is our main goal. We set ourselves a very serious and interesting task. Combine two large sectors of the economy - the porn industry and the crypto currency.

Unsolved problems

  1. Theft of money
    Data theft when paying and stealing money from bank cards of users of porn sites
  2. Purchase privacy
    When you download porn content, the data appears in the bank statement and possible embarrassing situations with the family
  3. Long-term registration
    In order to pay for the purchase, you need to go through a long registration and enter a lot of confidential data
  4. Slow transactions
    Slow transactions in the crypto currency due to the recording of each transaction in the chain of custody
  5. Large Fee
    With each transaction, the miners charge a large commission for confirmation of the operation
  6. Lack of usability
    A small number of services for using crypto currency in everyday life

The PORNX token was created as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain Unlike today's payment solutions for crypto currency, PORNX will not be used in the usual Ethereum environment, where commissioners charge commission for confirmation of transactions.

PORNX will be implemented in the Lightning Network, which will reduce the commission for the transaction and make the payment lightning-fast, comparable to Visa / MasterCard, while remaining anonymous and secure.


  • All over the world
    Designed as a currency by which you can pay pornographic content around the world. You pay for purchases of porn content with the help of PORNX, and the arrangement with sites is our concern.
  • Anonymity
    When you pay for PORNX, you do not need to disclose your personal information on the site. Paying for purchases using PORNX gives the user anonymity and confidentiality. When exchanging a fiat currency, your data is also safe.
  • Quick payment
    Pay for purchases instantly on the site, through the mobile application X-Wall. You bring the phone to the screen and pay for the purchase by reading the QR code.
  • Security
    When paying for purchases on the site using PORNX, you do not enter your personal data on the payment page. Scammers will not be able to get personal information from users. QR-code for payment is compatible only with the mobile application and generated by smart contract.

The Team

Martin Benson

CEO, CTO, Co-Founder

Damian Lerner

COO, CFO, Co-Founder

Katrin Markhel


Chulwoo Hong

Blockchain Developer

Colleen Rees

Core Developer

Edward Salisburry

Product Manager

David Goldfein

Yoshihiro Sugimoto

Blockchain Developer

Jisun Lee


Elijah Arroyo

Product Manager

Julian Fulton

Mobile Developer

Lee Hyun-Soo

Blockchain Advisor

Hakob Arshakyan

Legal Advisor

Ethan Hutcheson

Strategy Advisor

Marcello Milteer

Community Advisor

Max Munk

Marketing Advisor


Token Info

Platform Type
Price in ICO
1 ETH = 3,000 PORNX

Investment Info

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