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Bringing Transparency to $100bn+ Medical Tourism


Blockchain-based​ ​incentivized​ ​global​ ​list​ ​of​ ​health​ ​professionals​ ​and content​ ​platform,​ ​helping​ ​patients​ ​save​ ​$7,000-$50,000​ ​on​ ​elective​ ​care costs​: patients will be able to search for and book specialists from around the world, indexed by their areas of focus and treatment methods, and peer-reviewed in their native language.

About Etheal

The Etheal​ ​Trust​ ​Score​ ​(ETS)​ will reflect the general reliability of a wallet address. The score is a combination of factors, including how early and well a specific wallet address upvotes important and popular content and how much HEAL token the address owns.

The idea for ETS is based on the “believability score” from Bridgewater Associates - the biggest and most successful hedge fund in the world. Compared to a democracy where the majority decides, or autocracy where a selected minority decides, the believability score fosters idea meritocracy by weighing the votes of how believable the voter is [41]. ETS will be used to weigh upvotes when calculating stakes for the Weekly Contribution Endowment Fund.

The Etheal​ ​Rank​ ​Score​ ​(ERS)​ will reflect how much total value a user has generated in the ecosystem by, for example, writing useful content, showing up for appointments in time, or getting good reviews. The Etheal Rank will determine what special features an account has access to, like moderating disputes. Each transaction will be recorded in the blockchain with the address of the service provider and user, and encrypted details of the transaction. Both parties can write a review based on each transaction, and open a dispute when necessary. Resolving disputes without external intervention will be incentivized, but when necessary the issue will automatically be forwarded to a committee of moderators. Etheal Trust and Etheal Rank scores of all participants are updated automatically.

Care providers will be able to embed their reviews easily to their personal website with a dedicated review widget and API.

The Team

Prof. Dr. Tibor Bartha

Harvard Medical School Alumnus Professor

David Orban

Singularity University, Network Society Ventures

Michael Terpin

Coinagenda, Transform Group

Shashwat Gupta

Business Developer at Altcoin Buzz

Roberto Medrano

Former executive at HP and Sun Microsystems

Suk Won Harold Kim

Former HSBC and Hyundai Capital professional

Peter Oszko

Financial Advisor, Former Finance Minister of Hungary

Barnabas Debreczeni

Created the first Bitcoin ATM in Hungary

Dr. Gyorgy Cseh

Ex-CEO of a $1.5 billion fund

Marcell Toth

Sales Coach at Google

Biro Roland

Operations Advisor

Norbert Lesko

Tech Advisor

Dr. Zoltan Toth

Legal Advisor

Dr. Mihaly Kertesz

Co-Founder, Operations

Viktor Tabori

Co-Founder, CTO

Levente Toth

Senior Backend Developer

Gabriel Cseri

Senior Frontend Developer

Dorina Pardi


Janka Bauer

Experience Designer

Benjamin Benko


Laszlo Marai

Tech Lead


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1 ETH = 600 HEAL
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