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Exchange Fiat Money and Cryptocurrencies Easily


We have started a unique token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the funds obtained we are planning to initiate a system of comprehensive services that will gather in one place innovative and, until this moment, unused areas of the cryptocurrencies’ market in order to enable their use in everyday life. For the first time since the creation of cryptocurrencies you will have at your disposal modern transaction solutions and priceless experts’ counseling in one place. Thanks to our platform the processes with the use of cryptocurrencies will become safer, and the commissions for particular activities will become more favorable for the users.

About MillionCoin

Current use of cryptocurrencies for trading on exchanges does not allow their prices to stabilize and be used in payments for services and goods.
A big number of transactions necessary to purchase any good or service cause multiple fees and, as a result, increase in the price of the good being purchased. Million Coin gathers the companies form the fields of software, cryptocurrencies, marketing, bookkeeping and law, which together form a platform allowing to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life and eliminate the above mentioned problems.

The platform will allow its users to exchange fiat money and cryptocurrencies easily, sell goods and services as well as broaden the knowledge in technological, legal and bookkeeping fields, connected with the cryptocurrencies market. All of this will take place without additional transaction fees between the wallets, within one platform where the users will decide for themselves which currency to use for settling their transactions. The users will obviously have full access to their funds at any time.The users will also be able to get assistance of the experts on law and bookkeeping who will provide necessary legislative information needed for tax settlements in a given country.

The Team

Krzysztof Perek

CEO at One Million Group

Marcin Walkowski

CEO at AT.Systems

Michał Błaszczak

CSO (Chief Security Officer) at AT.Systems

Karol Starukiewicz

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at AT.Systems

Adam Przybyła

Sales Director at One Million Group

Szymon Jaworski

Head of the Technical Department at One Million Group

Dawid Walkowski

Customer Relationship Manager at One Million Group

Marcel Wandas

Development Assistant at One Million Group

Mariusz Bieniek

Project Manager at One Million Group

Adam Sitko

Frontend Developer at One Million Group

Witold Budzioch

Frontend Developer at One Million Group

Jakub Białoń

Software Engineer at AT.Systems

Piotr Watoła

Software Architect at AT.Systems

Dariusz Tomasiak

Senior Back-end developer at AT.Systems

Piotr Kubasik

Marketing Assistant at One Million Group


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1 MON = 0.000266 ETH
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