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Burstex is a crowd owned exchange which allows anyone to own a part of it and earn profits on trading fees. Burstex is built on the completely decentralized Burst blockchain run by an open source community of skilled and enthusiastic developers. Burst is mined using PoC (Proof of Capacity) technology and finally making mining eco-friendly. PoC allows Burst to make instant transactions and be infinitely scalable, giving us an advantage over our competitors. The Burst blockchain enabled us to provide a fast, secure and trustless environment.

About Burstex is the world's first crowd owned crypto exchange built on the Burstblockchain.Whatdoesthismean?ItmeansthatBurstexisownedby shareholders, the same shareholders that receive profits from collected trading,withdrawalandlistingfees.(SeeRevenueModelsection)

HowtobecomeaBurstexshareholder?It'sactuallyveryeasy.Theofficial tokenofBurstex,calledBEX,willbelaunchedandreadyforsaleonthe15th of April 2020. By owning and staking BEX you will be automatically registered as a shareholder and receive rewards.

How are rewards calculated? First it is important to understand how exchanges earn a profit. Exchanges profit mainly from collecting trading fees, this is a small percentage taken from both the maker and taker of a trade. The average combined (maker+taker) trading fee on Burstex is 0.1177%. (SeeFeaturesectionpointEforfeestable)

Within 1 year our goal is to capture 1% of the global trading volume.

Within a bull market the volume is higher and then lower during a bear market. On average, at the time of writing, the average daily adjusted volume is between 40 to 60 billion USD.

The Team

Andy Bel

Co-Founder Head of Marketing

Fabio Kara

Co-Founder B2B Relations Manager

Eduard Gerek

Co-Founder Brand Development

Nikhil Sethi

Business & Marketing Advisory

George Felicita

Jr Community Manager

Rodrigo Salonga

Jr Community Manager

JaeHong Seo

Marketing - Korea

Stefano Wolff

Ambassador - France

Matthew James

Community Engagement Manager

Levi Liang

PR Manager - China

Andrii Voloshyn

Cryptoeconomics Advisor

Honggeun Kuk

Marketing - Korea

Andrey Romanov

Marketing Specialist

Maria Tokarea

Customer Support

Rado Gerek

Burst Technical Advisor


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Burst Blockchain
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0.0035 USD
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