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 Genesis Space

Genesis Space

Next Generation Blockchain


Genesis is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) based on blockchain. In Genesis, users (nodes) vote to update community rules and blockchain protocols. Genesis provides scalability through sidechains. Each sidechain is considered a virtual country. Each country can have its own method of governance, providing unlimited possibilities. Anybody can start a sidechain, just like you can run a smart contract on Ethereum. Genesis team members come from prestigious universities like CMU, Harvard, Berkeley, Columbia and CUHK. These engineers have extensive experience in enterprises like Google, Ebay, Alibaba and Oracle etc.

About Genesis Space

  1. Consensus Protocol: DDPOS. High TPS; a balance between meritocracy and democracy; avoid becoming a dictatorship of the few.
  2. Sophisticated System Upgrading Mechanism: In the blockchain world, each upgrade is a hard fork. Due to all sorts of reasons, some users do not choose to upgrade their clients, thus detaching from the consensus with the latest clients and depreciating the value of the system. Genesis builds-in the functionality of voting, so that the upgrade will be automatically conducted when the majority of the community reaches a consensus. As a result, the value of the system will be inherited even after the system is upgraded.
  3. DApp Store (V1.0): In the traditional concept, main chain is akin to windows operating system, on which DApps are inconsistently scattered and disorganized. In Genesis, DApp Store is the entrance for all normal users, upon which developers and users must comply with certain rules and regulations. As a decentralized autonomous organization, the regulating system is decided and voted by community members. As for the original ruling principals, Genesis introduces a ranking mechanism similar to Reddit (ranked by users’ votes).
  4. Sidechain with Built-in Storage: Almost no existing blockchain infrastructure has any built-in storage functionality. Although platforms such as Storj and siacoin enable developer to store data, these chains are sophisticatedly designed, which are much more suitable for professional decentralized storage scenarios. However, Genesis sidechain has a built-in data storage economic system, which allows developers to call directly when they are developing applications in need of a huge database.
  5. Development Completed 30%: Coded through Rust. The programmed system is secure, concurrent and efficient. Framework Chain is estimated to launch by September 2018 and the testnet of the mainnet by December 2018.
  6. Compared with other public chains: As a blockchain operating system, Genesis is scalable through sidechains.

The Team

Alex Li


Tony Ma


Vivian Yang


Chen Han


Eric Deng


Kelvin Zhu


Gary Li



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