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 22x Fund

22x Fund

Invest in the Best Silicon Valley Startups


The first tokenized opportunity to invest in a group of pre-vetted early stage startups. ~2% acceptance rate for companies chosen for the 500 Startups accelerator program. Get proceeds from the startups as they grow, exit or IPO or trade the 22X Fund token.

About 22x Fund

2X Ltd. is issuing tokens  that provide qualified investor exposure to equity in up to 30 Silicon Valley startups, that are all alumni of the 500 Startups Global Seed Accelerator program. In connection with this issuance, 22X is seeking to turn venture capital on its head by pre-selecting a diverse group of companies that are expected to be fast- growth, and providing investors with an opportunity to indirectly invest in these companies without paying the high minimums and large fees associated with venture capital investment, by purchasing 22X Tokens.

The Team

Tim Reynders

Investment advisor

Jamie Finn

Portfolio Manager

Jake Koppinger

CEO, Freightroll

Ruth Polachek

CEO, Fincheck

Chris Rawlings

CEO, Judolaunch

Ashwini Anburajan

CEO, OpenUp

Justin Bradshaw

Co-Founder, Rever

Ayush Khanna

COO, LaborVoices

Kule Dupont

CEO, Ohalo

Nawar Nory

CTO, Nextplay

Nezare Chafni

CTO, Trueface

Adam Traidman

CEO, Breadwallet

Gabriel Zanko

Fintech Enterpreneur & Advisor

Anthony Pompliano

MP at Full Tilt Capital


Token Info

Price in ICO
1.0000 USD

Investment Info

Min. investment
5,000 USD

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