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 Electron World Money

Electron World Money

Decentralized Payments Involving Global Banks


An independent financial platform on which all existing financial systems will be built, payments, payments for various services, transfer of funds between different accounts of different banks with a minimum commission within the EWM network

About Electron World Money

Crypto-currencies are increasingly raising issues at the government level . We are addressing this issue while doing everything in a perfectly legal and decentralized manner, in integration with the state infrastructure. Anyone can launch their project online in the today’s world; the problem is to integrate all these projects into a common structure, in which exchanging values would not require too much commission costs due to over engineered and inefficient interconnection of various exchange processes. Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital currency, followed by new cryptocurrencies addressing specific issues and facilitating various processes. However, all these developments are plagued by a common issue of global scale, which has not been addressed to date – and that is interaction between digital currencies, governments and fiat money. We unite all people, enabling them to interact with governments, financial institutions, etc. without high commission costs. This technology guarantees rethinking of possible solutions to the issue of currency conversion, be it digital or fiat currencies.

We present a new generation standard that will change all existing looks and legal aspects of digital currencies and their interaction at the government level.

Electron World Money is a non-profit organization created with the aim of developing s common global standard protocol simplifying the conversion and trading in all market components. Alternative financial and digital commerce instruments for all, without the need to deal with traditional financial institutions and banks but not diminishing the role of the existing banking structure within a country, as these can join the EWM network using USC (“utility settlement coin”).

Barclays, Credit Suisse, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, HSBC, MUFG and State Street, UBS and Clearmatics Technologies, Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon and Santander are some of the banks that already joined the project. Interaction between EWM and the banks will be performed using USC (“utility settlement coin”).

We remain open to interaction with corporate clients and partners to identify their key needs and offer better ways to serve them. This is a high-priority objective for us. We are expanding our Ethereum and application development teams.

The Team

Rohan Hall

Co-Founder & CEO

Dennis Sommer

Co-Founder & CTO

Morgan Rockwell

Head Of Business Development & Co-Founder

Karim Ghodbane

Legal Counsel

Carlos Perez

Senior Engineer

Manohar Reddy


Brandon Gilchrist


Jared Stoffan


Khoa Nguyen


Kevin LaMar

Web Engineer

Troy O'Brien

Visual Communications Graphics & Design

Douglas Forster

Designer/UI/UX/Blockchain Engineer

Ken Murphy

iOS Developer

Cezanne Rothberg

Graphic Designer

Juan Suarez

Mobile Developer

Alan Yong

General Manager, Global Direct To Consumer, E-Commerce At Mead Johnson Nutrition

Mike Costache

Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) \ Pepperdine School Of Law

Richard Titus

Strategic Advisor For Blockchain ICO

Vincent Zhou

Founding Partner Of FinTech Blockchain Group (FBG)

Spencer Bogart

Bitcoin & Blockchain Venture Capital

Mary Cranston

Director At Visa

Simon McNamara

CAO Of Royal Bank Of Scotland

Terry Schwakopf

Fed Reserve Bank Of SF


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0.01 ETH
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