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 Smart Valor

Smart Valor

A Revolution in Global Investment


Based in the Swiss Crypto Valley, SMART VALOR is a blockchain startup set to enable borderless crypto finance. SMART VALOR aims to build a decentralized marketplace for tokenized alternative investments backed by secure custody for crypto assets. Capitalizing on the Swiss legal framework, SMART VALOR aims to combine privacy and security of a leading banking center with the accessibility and diversity of the blockchain-based open network. SMART VALOR’s head office is located in Zug, Switzerland which is also known as the Crypto Valley.

About Smart Valor

SMART VALOR, founded in April 2017, is a Swiss-based fintech company building the world’s first decentralized marketplace for tokenized alternative investments and security token.

It became one of the five companies selected by Thomson Reuters for its Incubator Program in summer 2017. Forbes named SMART VALOR “Europe’s top 10 most exciting SME” in 2018.

The online platform will give investors from around the world direct, easy, secure and compliant access to the world of alternative investments and digital assets. Beyond cryptocurrencies, for alternative investments such as venture capital, private equity and real estate, the tokenization of assets is a true gamechanger.

The platform went live in October 2018 with an early access program allowing up to 5.000 participants to be the first to pass KYC and AML online and have access to assets and investment opportunities. The first assets to be tokenized on SMART VALOR will be venture capital funds, real estate, young tech companies and fiat currencies.

In addition to initial listings of tokenized assets, SMART VALOR features an exchange for secondary trading, a wallet and a custody solution for the secure storage of tokens. For issuers of tokenized assets, SMART VALOR provides services and the platform's infrastructure to tokenize assets as well as direct access to a large community of approved investors.

SMART VALOR is set to be the first fully regulated platform for security tokens operating out of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. All of the three major regulatory milestones has been achieved so far:

  1. In Switzerland the company has received the status of Financial Intermediary;
  2. in Liechtenstein it has received the confirmation to operate foreign currency exchange;
  3. it has submitted an application for receival of a banking license in Liechtenstein.

The latter, once granted, will give the company access to the 26 European countries for distribution of security tokens and deposit taking activity.

During the period 1-26 November 2018, SMART VALOR opens the 3rd and final private presale round of its own cryptocurrency: VALOR, which will be followed by a public ICO. In the previous rounds the company received 7 million VALOR token. It is supported by collection of acknowledged Swiss and international investors and advisors such as Stephane Pictet, John Henry Clippinger, Markus Rinderer and David Johnson as well as eight Venture Capital funds from US, Europe and Asia.

The Team

Olga Feldmeier

Founder and CEO

Thomas Felber


Markus Rinderer

Founder: PAY.ON

Denis Shulakov

1st Vice President of Gazprombank

Alain Falys

Co-founder and Chairman of Yoyo Wallet (UK); technology entrepreneur, business executive, investor

Yessin Schiegg

Ex-Advisory Board Member of Ethereum Foundation, CFO of

Daniel Kornitzer

EVP & Chief Business Development Officer at Paysafe Group

Oliver Feldmeier


Julien Bringer

Chief Security and Cryptography Expert

Davide Carboni

Senior Blockchain Architect

Alexandra-Daniela Sowa

Head of Legal and Compliance

Peter Ruchatz

Chief Growth Officer

Sheraz Ahmed

Project Manager

Ivan Anastassov

Project Manager

Felix Simon

Head of Business Development

Michael Kollek

Data Analyst

Natalia Savitcaia

Events Manager

Carmen de la Iglesia

Head of Digital Marketing


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