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An Exchange Where You Set Your Own Fee


Our mission is to firstly assist the innovators and early adopters who have helped bring it thus far and secondly enable the waiting majority to easily enter this exciting space for that inevitable critical mass shift with a simple to use, fast and cost-efficient blockchain- based payment and trading ecosystem. Those who have an intimate understanding of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain concepts can relate to examples in history of uncertain infancies that, despite early resistance went on to change our world. We have the vision and conviction to not only be involved with the biggest changers of history, but also to become an active catalyst for this change.


The XCOYNZ Exchange enables Individuals to set their own fee when exchanging their Crypto assets. This will be based on a recurring annual allowance from the time of first registration, with further loyalty bonuses being awarded based on periodic exchange activity volume. This is a ground-breaking incentive in the Crypto world and will disrupt the way business is done for Cryptocurrency exchanges in the future. Users of the XCOYNZ Exchange will also have the ability to transfer from one’s Individual wallet, or even the XCOYNZ SAW - to another Individual’s bank account as fiat.

The XCOYNZ SAW will consolidate all your Crypto assets into a single wallet so you can use this to process your payments faster, and incur only a single fee that again is set and controlled by you. It will also use smart algorithms to determine the best combination of assets to use to process your payment, minimising costs or maximising profits. You can opt for the Crypto assets suggested by the SAW or make your own choice as to which Crypto assets you would like to use. It will also predict which Crypto to HODL or sell.

The XCOYNZ Payment Gateway is the key connector using crypto assets to bring together seller and buyer in the massive market place that is the internet. The XCOYNZ Smart Cards will allow the Individual a way of purchasing products and services from a retailer using their Smart Cards.

The Team

Aasam Alim


Tushar Gaikwad


John Gurudas

Business Operations

Savio Henriques

Technical Operations

Ritesh Ranjan

Product Development

Azeem Sultan

Infrastructure and Architecture

David Bigglestone

Community Ambassador

Richard Stebbings

Blockchain Development

Wyatt Meldrum

Senior Marketing Advisor

Andrijano Vujasin

Blockchain Expert and Experienced Cryptotrader

Edem Vormawah

Web Development

Harendra Patel

Key Investor Influencer

Joshua Clow


Maria St. Berova


Maya Johnny

Social Media Strategist

Mohammud Jaufarally


Stephen Ihme

User Interface, Founder - Paciillum Limited

Timothy Kingery

Marketing Advisor


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0.3 ETH
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