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New World Economic Order


Classic trade flow products (including letters of credit and letters of credit waiting in cryptocurrencies), Structured trade and export, Finance Structured financing of commodity trade, Exchange of business partners. These negotiable instruments offer nothing less than transparent and safe payments for international trade activities. With a letter of credit, AURIcoin guarantees the release of payments to their suppliers as soon as certain conditions are met, for amounts of up to several hundred million cryptocurrencies that you have and that is accepted by the seller, can be BTC, ETH, AUR, REG etc.

About Auricoin

AURIcoin is a cryptocurrency that starts the new world economic order, and looks forward to correct the inefficiency in regards to the granting of credit. 

AURIcoin will serve mainly for the development, expansion, acceleration of the personal and industrial economy by granting Global Decentralized Credit, in a simple and direct manner without immediacy regarding the payment of the credit. 

Auricoin makes use of the recognized "blockchain" technology for keeping track of its operations.  It will also promote and encourage the use of AURIcoin as an investment option, savings mechanism and means of exchange with other cryptoactives.

On the AURICOIN platform, you will find how to transfer and request the issuance of financial documents such as letters of credit, letters of credit waiting, credit contracts, payment orders, according to the contract between the seller and the buyer. 

Likewise, they may request direct credits from members of the network, to issue letters of credit granting the pledge of the merchandise or raw material.

The Team

Vilmar Villaroel Maldonado

43 age

Leidy Dayana Villamizar


Alfredo Jose Salazar


Mayra Murcia Castro


Mayvelin Sequera


Alejandro Rodriguez Martinez

68 age

Lisbeth Echezuria


Vittorio Mastrogiovanni


Franklin Suarez


Diorbelys A Zambrano


David Flores


Celso Pulgar


Jose Mendoza Zavala

25 age

Edward Reyes


Patricio Menanteau


Emir Castro


Saul Castro


Francisco Zanetti


Luis Algarin


Paola Colmenares


Alfredo Salazar


Mileidy Teran


Ramon Veraza


Mayerli Teran


Julian Hernandez

20 age

Mariel Montilla


Luis Morales

36 age


Token Info

Price in ICO
888.8800 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
11 USD
Distributed in ICO

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