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 Aiq (PreICO)

Aiq (PreICO)

Knowledge Evolution


The currency is in the form of the AIQ (Artificial Intelligence Quotient) token, which is awarded based on the value of information contributed. Tokens have an intrinsic value determined by Mindzilla’s AI and are created and recorded through our Blockchain system. This makes it an entirely fair and sustainable system based upon the true value of knowledge, without any room for speculation or human bias. The entire AI/Blockchain system incentivises and propagates the advancement of knowledge. Mindzilla’s AI system works to fully read and conceptualise all information across the entire database. It operates via a single open knowledge network, thereby removing all barriers involved in knowledge search and discovery processes. This means if you are a researcher, academic or student, Mindzilla does the discovery for you and keeps on going until you tell it to stop. You don’t have to trawl for information yourself. Instead, you are presented with all the most relevant information, including from places you might not think to look. This is a game changer in the world of research and information discovery across all sectors.

About Aiq (PreICO)

It was Francis Bacon who said knowledge is power. Throughout history, advancement of civilizations has relied on the ability to access, learn from and improve upon knowledge and ideas. We are now firmly in a new age of information and our future progress and development is reliant on empowering more people than ever before with the ability to access and utilize knowledge.

Bacon’s statement has never been more precise. This is exactly why Mindzilla exists. To facilitate the collective intelligence of the many, bypassing the gatekeepers who are dominant in securing most of the public and private funds. Mindzilla is designed to be fully inclusive for people with brilliant ideas and knowledge who were previously isolated from today’s funding ecosystem, publicity and support.

Mindzilla is an intelligent, self-sustaining and independent knowledge network, powered by our proprietary cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) platform and Blockchain technology. This new AI/Blockchain combo engine gathers, reads and conceptualizes the world’s knowledge, modelling the human brain’s own process of storing information.

The key skill of Mindzilla’s engine is understanding the relationship between information (i.e. establishing interdisciplinary references and “blue sky connections” between seemingly different sectors) and spotting where novel concepts exist. To put it simply, using Mindzilla is not just putting the world’s knowledge at your fingertips but is effortlessly delivering the information that really matters to you.

The Team

Tim El-Sheikh

Founder & CEO

Teacha Hamilton

Co-Founder & COO

Simon Jack

Chief Design Officer

Tammy Law

Director of APAC

Ramil Asgarov


Helen Yiu

Director of Academia

Rachael Jaggs

Management Accountant

Johnny Gray

Chief Commercial Officer

Ayo Akinduko

Data Scientist - University of Leicester

Jeremy Levesley

Professor of Applied Mathematics – University of Leicester

Evgeny Mirkes

Research fellow – University of Leicester

Alexander Gorban

Chair in Appied Mathematics

Helen Lumb

NED – Finance & Business Strategy

Harvey Shulman

NED – Investment, Legal & Business Strategy

Nick Todorov

Founder & CEO @ LimeChain - Blockchain Development & Consulting

Marc Smith

Director, Next Consult - Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner

George Spasov

Blockchain Architect and Chief Of Delivery at LimeChain

Chris Veselinov

Blockchain architect and CTO at LimeChain

Velislav Ivanov

Blockchain Project and Adoption Manager


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