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Ubanx (PreICO)

Ubanx (PreICO)

Ubanx Is The First Blockchain Retail Place


Ubanx aims to become the user-friendly, real-world connection to the crypto economy by bridging the gap between mainstream retail finance and crypto assets and opportunities. The core values of Ubanx are shaped by its developers’ goals of helping the information flow and transparency of the crypto ecosystem from the customer’s perspective. Ubanx aims to release the proper tools for the onboarding and development of communities to the cryptocurrencies and digital finance era by providing education, applications, solutions and meeting points.

About Ubanx (PreICO)

Ubanx is a blockchain-agnostic platform, and its initial release will be using Ethereum ERC-20 tokens known as BANX.

Exchanges and trading

For retail customers looking to jump into the crypto-asset space, Ubanx will provide trading terminals, onboarding to third party exchanges, and training to get the most out of the platforms.

Ubanx Crypto School
On-site and online courses will be available worldwide. The space facilities will also include auditoriums where workshops and blockchain startups pitches will have place.

Crypto Store
Ubanx will provide physical space, retail exposure and customer onboarding to mainstream customers for a curated selection of the best crypto-related products in the ecosystem such as hardware wallets and mining equipment.

Lounge and Co-work
Designed as a cafe and co-working area, users can network, use a meeting room or grab a snack.

VIP member benefits

Ubanx gives you real-world benefits. Access to VIP Airport Lounges Worldwide.  Token holders will have access to airport lounges around the world thanks to our partnership with PriorityPass™.

The Team

Pablo Orlando Trackzuk

President & Chairman

Janes Cochesa

Chief Executive Officer

Gastón Cartier

Chief Operations Officer

Máximo Cartier

Chief Product Officer

Nick Bayerque

Chief Business Development Officer

Maximiliano Cañellas

Chief Technology Officer

Bernardo Corti

Chief Legal Officer

Alejandro Ahumada

Chief Creative Officer

Pablo Yabo

Smart Contract Developer

Sebastian Wain

Smart Contract Developer

Ezequiel Calvo

Software Architect & Full Stack Dev

Matías Calvo

Back End Developer

Maiki Nahara

Front End Developer

Nicolás Litvinoff

Head of Compliance

Joaquín Casano

Head of Architecture

Nicole Bett

Head of Communication

Carlos Boido

Head of Marketing

Laura Orlando

Account Manager

Dominique Bett

UI/UX Designer

Steven Nerayoff


Jacob Farber


Jeff Pulver


Martin Orlando


Stefano Angeli


Mary Saracco


Michael Sutherland


Gastón Besanson



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