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People Don’t Trust Charities, and for Good Reason


We are launching an ICO to allow Nonprofits to accept cryptocurrencies and ultimately raise more money using Blockchain Technology. Our goals are to increase transparency, decrease processing fees, and automate financial reporting within the Nonprofit Space. We believe SupPorter offers a rare opportunity to invest in Blockchain Technology while making the world a better and brighter place.

About SupPorter

People don’t trust charities, and for good reason. This trillion dollar industry is plagued with scandal and rampant irresponsible spending. Sometimes, as little as 3% of a donation actually supports the cause it was intended for ( So what happened to the other 97%? Unfortunately, there’s never been a real way of finding out. That is, until now.

Introducing SupPorter, the world’s first Blockchain Enabled Donation Processing  System, for Nonprofits and Political Campaigns. SupPorter utilizes new, cutting edge innovations in Blockchain Technology to shed some light on an otherwise dark and inefficient fundraising space. SupPorter will provide a faster, cheaper and more transparent way to donate.

What makes SupPorter ideal for an ICO, is that it is a company that already exist in the fundraising space with an experienced team that knows first hand the problems facing the industry. It’s not some bold idea or concept scribbled on a napkin. SupPorter has a working prototype, App and Website that already allows organizations to raise funds at the lowest fees in the industry ( SupPorter is positioned perfectly to be one of the first companies capable of disrupting the massive fundraising industry by taking its existing business model and merging it with new innovations in blockchain technology. You can think of SupPorter as a new global standard for the fundraising industry.

The Team

Inman Porter

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Porter

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Asa Porter

Co-Founder and Director of Government Relations

Douglas Schwartz

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Justin Michela

Chief Technology Officer

Pratik Padaliya

Chief Information Officer

Blake Ramsay

Chief Compliance Officer

Martin Fleischmann

Chief Marketing Officer

Sumit Singhal

Head of Technology & Blockchain Developer

Nicolas Kammerdiener

Head of Product

Cameron Greene

Community Manager

DuBose Porter


Guyton Porter

Guyton Porter is currently a consultant at First Access Entertainment.

Doug Busk

Managing Director of the Atlanta office

Austin Mills

Manning & Martin’s Corporate Technology

Kashi Sehgal

Co-Founder & CEO of Gigabark

Clark Seydel


John David Hanna


Jonathan Nwiloh


Anna Marie Hanna


Randall Pires



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