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Collaborative Social Shopping Platform


It allows buyers to receive a CashBack in Cryptocurrency for each purchase made and, by way of an addition, even for purchases within their own community. The stores, both physical and online, have an interface to increase their customer base thanks to the CoinShare community. But not just that: they accumulate and earn from purchases made by their customers in others stores of the circuit. All participants in the CoinShare community are called "Sharers". The Sharers receive extra earnings every day thanks to an algorithm which rewards the most active. CoinShare will be compatible with most major existing e-commerce systems (Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Ecwid, etc.). It will be easy to integrate and will have an API system to connect any application. CoinShare for buyers.

About Coinshare

Around the world millions of people buy products or services in physical stores and online. At the same time, millions of merchants, traders are looking for new tools to increase sales, reach an increasing number of customers and above all build loyalty. Every year, millions of merchants spend over $ 20 billion on software which provides loyalty systems and rewards for their customers. The motivation behind this is that they have to offer additional services to remain
competitive in the market. Loyalty programs, however, as they are structured today, do not work as they should. For traders they often turn out to be expensive and difficult to set up. For buyers they are dispersive and not convenient. 

In fact, loyalty programs are not only expensive, but also long and complicated to configure. Customers often feel more frustrated with having to participate in the programs themselves as the mechanisms to earn points or bonuses are often complicated. This means that most loyalty programs do not cover costs and are stopped on average after just 12 months. Imagine a world where buyers have the opportunity to earn more than they spend and where sellers have the opportunity to earn even from purchases made by their customers in other stores; today this is a reality. This reality is called CoinShare and it is possible thanks to the Blockchain.

The Team

Paul Renda

CEO & Owner of Miller & Partners s.r.l.

Renato Salsa


Jacopo Moschini

Entrepreneur and business manager

Federico Pacilli

BSc in "Bank and Financial Markets”

Gianluca Massini Rosati

Serial Entrepreneur

Edoardo Narduzzi


Davide Baldi

Serial entrepreneur

Alberto Ferlin


Stefano Tresca

Fintech and digital transformation expert.

Giovanni Casagrande


Luigi Maisto

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniele Viganò

CIO & Co-Founder

Valentino Del Giudice


Roberto Re

CLO & Co-Founder

Piero Rocca


Valeria Savanelli

CCO (Chief Communication Officer)

Giuseppe dello Iacono

Senior Developer

Patrizia Silvestri

Web Solution Architect


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