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A.I. Driven Opportunity and Referral Platform


Canlead began in 2016 with a simple concept, “a community-led opportunity and referral platform where referrers (leaders) can refer friends (candidates) to opportunities posted by customers (hosts) to save money, earn rewards and gain unique opportunities”.

About Canlead


Canlead aims to be the World's leading blockchain community focused company, where users can monetise their network through incentives to increase their net-worth.


At Canlead, our mission is to incentivise people to become responsible leaders and enhance their lifestyle through our trusted online opportunity and referral platform, community and marketplace.

Why Canlead

At Canlead, we believe your net-worth is the value in every referral opportunity you share with your network.

What is Canlead

Canlead makes job, product, service opportunity posting and referral easy, enjoyable and safe. We verify personal profiles and opportunity listings, maintain a smart messaging system so customers (hosts), referrers (leaders) and friends (candidates) can communicate with certainty, and manage a trusted platform to transfer and collect payments (tokens).

The Team

Asher Looi

ICO Program Advisor

Simon Telfer


Irina Spekman


Michael Quan

Founder and CEO

Siri Narasimham

Business Director

Nito Martinez

Technical Director

Dan Dale

Business Development Manager

Filip Berdowski

Community Manager

Guilherme Muck

PR and Community Manager


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 CAND = 0.04 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
100 USD
Distributed in ICO

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