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 Helios Neural Network (PreICO)

Helios Neural Network (PreICO)

Powering AI on the Blockchain


HNN are building a custom Blockchain that will attack the greatest challenge in AI. We will provide the power for storage and compute of indexed and anonymised data to lift the payload of Big Data into a decentralised network of nodes. The HNN token is the sole method of transaction on the network and participating nodes are rewarded relative to their level of contribution in HNN tokens. A Health Industry specific Helios Connect application that natively supports anonymisation of data using industry standard integration frameworks. Through a custom HNN built App people will be able to mine HNN tokens while driving by contributing their vehicle’s data into the network simply via the OBD II port found in every vehicle.

About Helios Neural Network (PreICO)

The HNN network connects consumers of big data (AI Vendors) with the contributors providing anonymity and immutability to suit real world AI use cases for betterment of health. It also provides the automotive industry with access to data from drivers on a Big scale globally to assess driver behaviour via vehicular data capture.

  • Consumers can access the the quantity and type of data they want to power AI applications.
  • Contributors of data can rest assured their patient data is anonymised and immutable and controlled by smart contracts with full auditability.
  • Automotive contributors of data can upload to HNN via an App when in wi-fi range and be rewarded for their driving with HNN tokens.
  • Nodes on the network are rewarded with HNN tokens for the level of storage and computational power they contribute.

The Team

Jun Hao


Alborz Fallah

Automotive Advisor

Darren Dawson

Data Architect

Ricci Jandu


Matt Funk


Alok Jhamb

Chief of Medical Applications

Ash Jhamb

Chief Medical Information Officer

Pritpal Bansi

Blockchain Evangelist


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 HNN = 0.35 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
35 USD
Distributed in ICO

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