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AI Disease Manager App


Nursecoin is a dApp for Smart AI disease management and self-sovereign health record keeping. The platform utilizes professional nurses and an AI recommendation engine for managing populations with chronic Illnesses. As populations age around the globe, the demand for disease management will rise. The platform is a scalable machine-human solution.

About Nursecoin

Nursecoin is an incentive-based community token, decentralized data wallet, digital identity, and disease management AI platform for streamlining healthcare administration, primary care, population management, and future healthcare capabilities to enable us to realize our long-term vision:

Our creation is a frictionless healthcare organization bringing highly efficient offerings to those paying for healthcare. 

Our vision is to enable a decentralized autonomous virtual healthcare organization (DAO).

Our mission is to reinvent the way healthcare is done.

Our motivation is to empower nurses.

The Team

Elaine Comeau

Former Chief Nursing Executive at Philips Healthcare

Cyrus Maaghul

Product Strategy

Annax Thongsami

Mobile/C++ Developer

Jason Ma


Andreas Freund



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