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 Maester Protocol

Maester Protocol

Blockchain Based Protocol Built to Enable On-demand Consulting


Maester protocol is the first of its kind blockchain based protocol built to enable on-demand consulting. It allows users to quickly search for skilled professionals, talk to them instantly and pay automatically based on their consultation time at virtually zero cost. While it enables professionals (or ‘Maesters’) to build their reputation and lets them easily monetize their following without having to worry about payments, frauds or identity thefts, it also saves millions of man-hours of knowledge seekers who can improve their work efficiency by consulting verified Maesters, on-demand.

About Maester Protocol

Maester protocol is the first of its kind blockchain based protocol built to enable on-demand consulting. Maester protocol empowers every user on its platform to become financially independent and self-reliant thereby fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Maester is a term borrowed from the popular fantasy television series - The Game of Thrones, where Maesters, are an order of scholars, healers, and learned men in the Seven Kingdoms. Due to their scientific and intellectual pursuits, they are sometimes referred to as "the knights of the mind".

In the context of the platform, a Maester means a professional that other users can reach out to for consultation. We believe every one of us has a skill or knowledge that others can imbibe from us and hence we call our users ‘Maesters’ and the digital currency associated, Maester Coin. Hence our mantra, Anyone can be a Maester and earn more with Maester Protocol!

The Team

Rohit Chadda


Rishi Shukla


Davide Malimpensa

Data Scientist

Venkat Rami Reddy

Chief Technology Officer

Michel Martin

Partnerships & Business Development

Cristina Tamas

Head – PR

Ashish Sharma

Product Head

Rahul Hans

Project Management Officer

Pankaj Nath

Marketing Director

Nidhi Pandey

Manager Analytics

Amit Chhabra

Lead - Mobile Apps

Gaurav Narula

Full stack developer

Abhishek Sharma

Creative Head

Neha Chabbra

Senior Quality Analyst

Sahaj Sai

Bounty Manager

Abhishek Dabas

Community Manager

Shivank Mishra

Community Manager

Karan Arora

Global Government Relations, Visa

Preetam Rao

Blockchain Advisor

Kartik Mandaville

CEO, Springrole - Blockchain based Verification Protocol

Aakar Arora

International Business Consultant, EY

Akshay Babber

Territory Head,; On-demand Travel

Nishat Mongia

VP,; On-demand Gifting

Dr Hardik Thakker

Country Head, Hysto Expert Digital Services

Parul Seth

Tax consultant, KPMG

Suraj Joshi

Film Director

Wael Al Masri

Technology Entrepreneur; Space Mechanobiology

Suyesha Savant

Journalist & Anchor, ex-CNBC

Urmila Thakkar

Choreographer, Dancing with the Stars (India edition)

Mohit Wankhede

COO, Unit Head; Healthcare Management

Abhishek Khanna

Food & Lifestyle Photographer

Ishita Sharma


Amreen Khurana

SVP, Talent Management & Sports Marketing

Uttara Dhanjal

Yoga Practioner & Guide

Deepti Dyondi

Zumba instructor

Dr Amarjeet Singh

Physiotherapist; Business Head, Apollo Clinics

Nilesh Sharma

Voice Over Artist

Dr Sandeep Porwal

Pathology Medicine Expert

Anisha Tolani

Media Professional,

Sneha Kalbag

Founder Director, Event Management

Brijesh Kumar Patel

CEO, Travel Advisor


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 MAP = 0.1 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
500 MAP
Distributed in ICO

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