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The Most Secure Crypto Exchange


Yezcoin is a Blockchain company that focuses on providing solutions to allow Blockchain companies to comply with Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules. It is difficult for Blockchain technology to mature and reach mass adoption.Yezcoin is helping to create positive images of Blockchain technology so that Blockchain community can gain confidence, trust and support from Government and Venture Capitals to further mature Blockchain technology and its applications. Yezcoin is also promoting Human Rights through digital identity. There are two billion people who don't have access to bank accounts and financial services. Blockchain technology can help establish digital identity for these underserved populations and allow them to have access to needed financial services that can improve their lives and their communities. Yezcoin is helping businesses through partnership programs where businesses can use Yezcoin to increase their sales by rewarding loyal customers with Yezcoin, at the same time, let customers be part of the Yezcoin's movement to change the world.

About Yezcoin

With our full awareness of the problems, we commit to providing the solutions to them. Yezcoin Platform is our brainchild that we proudly introduce to the blockchain community.

  1. Yezcoin Platform assures that proper “know-your-customer (KYC)” and “anti-money laundering (AML)” are implemented with the blockchain technology 100% compliant with all government regulations.
  2. Yezcoin Platform’s exchange model is a hybrid of a speedy centralized and a securely decentralized models. Yezcoin Platform can achieve the balance between the strengths of both models.
  3. Our expertise in advanced mobile technology allows an efficient mobile blockchain implementation that will allow users to participate in Yezcoin Platform using mobile phones.
  4. With a 2-factor authentication process plus biometrics authentication, in addition to screening for fraud and blacklisted sites, Yezcoin Platform can provide customers with peace-of-mind security.
  5. We mitigate the risk of private key management with multi-signature signing technology. Yezcoin Platform customers can manage their private keys via their biometric data.
  6. Our 24/7 customer services will ensure that our help is always a click away.
  7. Yezcoin Platform is forming a Cryptocurrency Exchange Alliance where cryptocurrency exchanges will benefit from high liquidity and a larger pool of customers.

The Team

Mongkol Thitithamasak

Founder, Chief Scientist

Rocky Panjwani

Infrastructure & Security Architect

James Anthony Wolff

General Counsel

Vernon Gibbs

Co Founder , Business Development

Sukit Sawathsangoon

Senior Engineer

Antonio Candelaria

Security Specialist

Julie Pewitt

Media/Event/PR Specialist

Tushar Chhabhaiya

Open source Software Architect/Blockchain Expert

Kashyap Prajapati

Software Architect/ Blockchain Expert

Devendra Rabadia

Project Manager/ Blockchain Expert

Rajesh Rabadia

Software Architect/ Blockchain Expert

Ophelie Chieh Chou

Media/Business Development Specialist

Chetan Joshi

Full Stack Developer/ Blockchain Expert

Amit Bisht

Full Stack Developer/ Blockchain Expert

Jitendra Singh Shahi

Full Stack Developer/ Blockchain Expert

Janet Closa

Finance/Budget HR Expert

Manit Thitithamasak

Web Specialist

Vesper Gibbs Barnes

General Counsel

Christina Abraham

Project Manager

Navin Singh


Andrew Tse


Tyler Tseng


Jimmy Chue


Peter Au


Tonwong Abhiradee


Kitty Lin Shum


David Lin



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