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Secure and Scalable NextGeneration Gold Bullion and Cryptocurrency Exchange


Godbex revolutionizes existing trading markets by linking a gold bullion - physical gold in the form of gold bars (meeting Good Delivery standards - London Bullion Market Association) with the current and future cryptocurrencies, while maximizes customer’s profit by taking into account price changes of both financial assets.

About Godbex

Our vision is to revolutionise the existing trading markets by linking the current and future cryptocurrencies with gold bullion and to maximize profit of our customers by taking into account price changes of both mentioned financial assets. Moreover, by allowing direct value transfer from gold bars to cryptocurrencies and vice versa, our clients will be able to eliminate potential losses due to the well-known volatility of the cryptocurrency price.

Lately, cryptocurrency traders have recognized gold bullion as an excellent exit from cryptocurrencies when its price is decreasing. On the other side, traditional investors have recognized cryptocurrency as a prospective and certainly interesting investment segment that can provide a high return of investment in a short period of time. While cryptocurrency investment can be partially compared with investing in stocks, gold is certainly an instrument that prevents loss of equity, so avoidance of inflation and value retention are guaranteed. Our goal is therefore to develop a platform that joins the best features of the current trading markets for the benefit of both - traditional and cryptocurrency traders.

The Team

Bojan Bratuša


Tamara Beljak


Mario Žanko


Irena Moro


Matija Džanko

Business and IT Development

Darko Štriga

Business and IT Development

Federico Matteo Benčić

Distributed Ledger Technology Advisor

Miha Novak

Information Security

Janez Kovač

Backend developer

Špela Poljak

Corporate, Finance & Control

Uroš Pogačnik

Legal Advisor Čeferin Law Firm - Commercial Law

Gašper Dernovšek

Legal Advisor Čeferin Law Firm - Commercial Law

Igor Pšenica

IT Advisor

Tina Drolc

Corporate Communication & Marketing


Token Info

Tokens for sale
Price in ICO
1 GBE = 1.25 USD

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Distributed in ICO
Min. investment
0.01 ETH

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