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Decentralized Peer 2 Peer Transportation Solution


RedCab LLC. offers a decentralized peer-to-peer transportation solution to individuals. Utilizing the power of Blockchain technologies and a unique business model for a transparent, affordable, and innovative future. Founded in 2016, and launched in 2017 with a concrete roadmap unto the future of peer-to-peer transportation services. Proof of Driving and Proof of Marketing Concepts, AI Powered road assistant, Geo Ads for monetization, and a strong portfolio of on-ground operations in a very short time.

About RedCab

RedCab LLC was founded by mid of 2016 to reinvent the peer-to-peer transportation solutions by solving a real problem through understanding the root causes of riders’ and drivers’ actual needs and deliver an innovative solution governed by customer experience, transparency, and efficiency.

RedCab LLC gives the chance for everybody to freelance as integrated service providers working on peer-to-peer scale, while taxi companies operate as an aggregated professional service provider.

Our business model is designed to deliver 100% of the benefits to users versus 100% earnings to drivers and taxi companies through decentralizing the whole process.

The performance matrix and rewards program for drivers is designed to ensure that every single ride gets the highest quality from a customer experience standpoint, while a psychological factor is subtly implemented to govern the customer satisfaction part, and processes are in place to ensure the safety of both parties.

The Team

Mohamed Mousa


Asser Yehia


Walid ElGendy


Mohamed Ameen

Creative Director

Fady Nashed


Majed Morsi

Media Creator

Ragy Albeer

Team Lead Front End dev

Hala Salah

Web Designer

Hassan Hussein

Animation Manager

Anna Basters

Community Manager

Ahmad Dewanto

Campaign Manager


Chief Trading Officer

Salma ElHariry

CEO & [email protected] Ventures | Advisor

Amr Tantawy

Field Channel Manager - Oracle | Advisor

Ahmed ElShawa

Support Escalation Engineer - Microsoft

Alaa Gabr

IT Business Consulting - Dell | Advisor

Yasser Amin

Senior Technical Engineer - Kaspersky Lab | Advisor

Mohsen Deeb

Chief Executive Officer At Anzma|Tech | Advisor

Farooq A. Rahim

Technical Advisor


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1 ETH = 2333 REDC

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