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Cubomania (PreICO)

Cubomania (PreICO)

Blockchain Game-Based Educational Platform


It's a decentralized educational platform for pre-school and school children which delivers game-based educational content through the app and an interactive robotic IoT toy. The platform will allow easy and fast peer-to-peer transactions between content creators and customers, protection of intellectual property and a simple way of using the latest technologies for creation of educational content, easy distribution of educational content without intermediaries, access to ready audience.

About Cubomania (PreICO)

The Cubomania eco-system consists of 4 main elements: 

  • CuboBuddy, a robotic educational IoT toy, is the first element of the Cubomania blockchain eco-system. The main purpose of the toy is to provide complex interaction between a user and an AI-based character with integrated educational programs. A set of sensors, engines, microcontrollers and other elements of the toy will allow a child to explore the outside world, learning a wide range of easy and complex things from learning letters to basics of robotics. 
  • CuboApp is a mobile application that connects the source of educational content on the blockchain and the CuboBuddy educational toy. CuboApp can also be used for accessing educational content independent of the toy, which can be regarded as an extension of the CuboApp.
  • CuboStore and Cubo Workshop are the key elements of the eco-system. Blockchain mechanics combined with the platform interface will ease the process of content creation and distribution as well as grant teachers and pedagogues maximum protection of their intellectual property.
  • CuboCore Operating System is an operating system for robotics and IoT devices with built-in educational programs that can be installed on any kind of IoT based devices: drones, toys, robot constructors. CuboCore provides full integration with the Cubomania educational platform.

Agreement between prospective students and content providers will be attained with the least possible involvement of intermediaries through Ethereum-based smart contracts. 

Use case 1

An eco-system player that acts as a Creator of educational content (a teacher, programmer, coach, etc) places their CV in the eco-system depending on the topic of the content they create. An eco-system player that acts as a Customer finds their CV using a system of tags.  The Customer needs to have a customized education program developed. They strike a deal via a smart contract. The contract sum is blocked on the Customer’s balance. The Creator makes a requested program. The program is then checked by a moderator. After the approval, the program is downloaded on the Customer’s device. The smart contract is regarded as executed, and the tokens are sent to the Creator of the requested education program. According to the conditions that the participants agreed on:

The Creator gets authorship and ownership rights. The content Creator can add this program to their CV and sell it on the marketplace as a finished product. A learning character can be sold an unlimited number of times. Each character is rated upon completion of the course, which has an impact on the character’s position at the marketplace and its popularity.  Every subsequent sale of this asset to participants of the platform will give the bonus points in the form of tokens to the author of this character or education program as the author is a holder of the ownership rights. The Customer uses the program. The Customer doesn’t acquire authorship and ownership rights and cannot sell or change the program.
The Customer gets authorship and ownership rights. The Customer has an opportunity to keep the character and use it or to sell\promote the character on the marketplace for Cubo tokens.

Use case 2

Any person that is expert in some field of knowledge and that would like to become a participant of a decentralized educational platform registers on our platform. We provide them with templates available on the Cubomania platform that will enable them to create content and design a unique character on the Ethereum blockchain platform, using a database of educational programs available on the platform. Tokens are used as consumables. The program is then checked by a moderator. This content gets attached to the character and becomes a digital asset with ownership rights that are registered in the blockchain. Further, there are 3 possible scenarios.
1) The Creator has an opportunity to keep the character and use it. At the request of the Creator, data on the character are recorded in the blockchain.

2) The Creator can present their character as ‘a model’ so that other eco-system players could use its ‘genetic’ structure for creating improved characters that are more complex in nature and able to demonstrate more complex modes of interaction. The Creator keeps ownership and authorship rights.

3) The Creator can sell the character on the marketplace for Cubo tokens and, at will, promote their character in the ‘Learning characters’ section using tokens. If someone purchases the character, ownership rights are transferred to the Customer.  This information is recorded in the blockchain. The Creator gets tokens. Tokens used for creating and promoting a character are burnt. Having received tokens for selling the digital asset, the Creator may convert tokens into fiat money.

Use case 3

An eco-system player who acts as an Incentive Provider wants a child (Incentive Taker) to complete some program and reach a specific level of achievements. The Incentive Taker commits to study a specific subject for Token bonuses (Incentive). They strike a deal via a smart contract. The contract sum is blocked on the Incentive Provider’s balance. The Incentive Taker fulfils their obligations. The smart contract is regarded as executed, and the tokens are sent to the Incentive Taker.

CUBO token is the only internal means of payment used in the Cubomania eco-system. CUBO token is a utility token. CUBO token is an ERC-20 compliant Ethereum based token which is designed to work on the Cubomania platform.

The token will have the following functions in the Cubomania eco-system:

CUBO token will provide access to the Cubomania game-based learning platform.
CUBO token guarantees discounts for cubes. Any user can buy the product directly from the Company from anywhere in the world without waiting for the product to appear in local stores.  Charges in tokens are always 40% lower than charges in Fiat money. If paying with fiat money (using either Visa or MasterCard), the exclusive discount for Cubomania eco-system players is not applied and the toy is sold at full price without a discount.
CUBO token will be used in smart contracts as a means of payment between creators of educational content, partners and participants of the platform. Thus, CUBO token will guarantee mutual fulfilment of obligations, for example, a means of payment for products and services such as educational programs, individual plans, classes with tutors or educational advisors, educational centres, online schools, colleges.
CUBO token is used as a means of payment in the Cubomania Bounty program.
CUBO token will be used as a Tool for the CuboBuddy game. CUBO token will be used for acquiring behavioral characteristics in order to create learning characters.
Using CUBO token as a reward  in the Incentives program from external companies, creating content.
CUBO token will be used for getting access to digital assets such as student transcripts for concerned organisations (big data), learning characters and education programs.
Buying a toy, a user will get a certain number of CUBO tokens depending on the type and model of the cube. These tokens start to accrue after the user registers in the ecosystem.
Getting tokens as a reward for daily activities performed by a child, learner, student.

The Team

Maksym Musiyenko

Founder, CEO Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

Yuriy Vdovychenko

Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Takayuki Yoneda

Ux\UI designer, Art Illustrator

Maxim Afanasev

Chief marketing Officer

Viacheslav Shvaydak

Chief Operating Officer

Yaroslav Krainyk


Dmitry Voshchina

Art director

Nataliia Ishchenko

Product Manager PhD in economics, associate professor

Olena Filimonova

Financier PhD in Money, Finance and Credit

Tatiana Gavriluk


Alexandr Nedavnikh

Project Coordinator

Ivan Burlachenko

Software Developer

Yuri Koval

Hardware Developer

Yevhen Davydenko


Vitalii Diduk


Oleksii Denysov

Hardware developer

Misha Hanin

CEO of iRangers International

Dmitry Gritsenko

CEO and Founder of Master of Code

Dustin Refvik

Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Master of Code (Canada)

Vladimir Spivakovsky


Dmitry Lyamenkov

Business Analyst at ICOBOX

Vitalii Cherniuk

CEO of Science Park, Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv

Farhan Ali

Director of Events at The Moving Heads

Alexey Zarya

Marketing expert12+ years in marketing


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1 CUBO = 0.00015 ETH
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