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Blockchain based factory 4.0


3D-Token represents the total “Network Robots’ Workforce” of our Glocal blockchain based, decentralized, 3D-Printers Network. 3DT will be tradable on our Marketplace - Crowdfunding platforms and on suitable Exchanges.

About 3D-Token

Our Project is based upon a real business already up and running since years. Politronica Srl and its research award winning Team, a spin-off company of the Italian University “Politecnico di Torino” (a famous Italian academic excellency among the top 40th Universities of the world) is being acquired in 2017 by Etroninvest Limited, London. The acquisition is creating the base to aim to the development of the Group’s activities in the 3D digital just-in-time manufacturing.

Our project is all about THE GLOCAL DECENTRALIZED JUST-IN-TIME FACTORY 4.0, building a blockchain managed network of thousands of 3D-printers, creating a revolutionary new concept of small to medium scale 3D just-in-time digital manufacturing.

After a successful test with 50 Network Members and 100 3D-Printers installed, we are now ready to scale the Network and integrate it into a blockchain managed software in order to grow it up to 3,000 3D-Printers and 1,000 Network Members, and to reach 22 Million hours of “Network Robots’ Workforce” per year. Appling this “Network Robots’ Workforce” we will be able to give birth to thousands of innovating manufacturing project in a Glocal just-in-time Solution for B2B, B2C and C2C, disrupting the traditional industry standards on time-to-market and products costs.

Furthermore we will create a Marketplace / Crowdfunding online platform where 3D-Token holders will be able to exchange their 3DT peer-to-peer, to buy with their 3DT the Network Workforce in order to realize their own projects, to resell 3DT to the Network at a fixed price equal to the ICO max. price in Ether (liquidity will depend on market demand for the Network Robots’ Workforce; the participant wishing to choose this option will also need to accept the potential risk/reward of the future ETH value/rate) and to use 3DT in order to participate in crowdfunded projects related to the 3D manufacturing world.

The Team

Paolo Pandolfi

Founder & CEO

Alessandro Chiolerio

Founder & CEO

Vincenzo Guarnieri

Hon. Chairman

Emanuele Fogazzotto


Marcello Prisco

Integration Specialist

Alessandra Rosa

Marketing & PR Manager

Paola Martino

HR & Chemical

Elisabetta Rosolen

International Project Coordinator

Marco Cotto

Technology Specialist

Riccardo Dardano

Integration Specialist

Jessica Barolo

Executive Assistant

Sonia Matera

Admin Stagist

Mattia Palombella


Simone Paschetto

Network Development Manager

Raffaele Spina

Project Partner

Pietro Giuliano

Project Partner

Sergio Schiavi

Account Manager

Daniele Passamonte

Project Partner

Kimberly Liu

Asian Market Advisor

Abil Asvarov

Scientific Advisor


Token Info

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1 3DT = 0.40 USD
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