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We would like to introduce you an innovative ecosystem of cryptocurrency SCUDOCOIN , which brings a benefits for everyone. If the more people will participate and contribute on ecosystem, the system will be stronger and more valuable to all participants. We live in timeof significant transformation – digitalisation. Digitalisation on its own is becoming the new form of ecosystem. Based on this fact was made SCUDOCOIN cryptocurrency, which is becoming integrated system in already existing digital ecosystem. Ecosystem in general stands for integrated part of systems, which are characterised by ability of connecting between other systems. This, how ecosystem works in nature, works in business environment – it is composed of basic units – companies and their activities (business intentions). The same way as in nature as in business environment mass, energy or information is circulating. Cryptocurrency SCUDCOIN was made to connect your user needs to new technologies and at the same time to move the borders further, and that is artificial inteligence - DESTINEY A.I. in connection with SCUDOCOIN cryptocurrency = SCC+A.I.

About DestineyAI

Destiney Vision, SE ( further than just „ Destiney Vision“ ) is an European company, which is represented by Petra Javrová. Company announce an ICO, which was established on digital ecosystem, based on Artificial intelligence – Destiney A.I. with connection to cryptocurrency SCUDOCOIN ═ SCC + A.I.

Company Destiney Vision, SE is also a partner and distribution company for WDS PRIVATE BANK, S.R.L. At the same time, company offers for WDS Private Bank, S.R.L. a complet consulting services. Our company enters to ICO with the main goal which is to create a bridge between cryptocurenncy SCC and real world. We want to bring you a new demension of perception the crypt of the world through application represented by Artifical Intelligence A.I.

The Team

Petra Javrová


Jaroslav Javro

Director of the Commercial and Technical Department

Ján Frišták

Director of the Economic Department

Pavol Hrnko

Sales representative

Jakub Lacko

IT technician

Tomáš Kopečný


Martin Unterfranc

Social network manager

Monika Laurincová


Peter Tóth

Administrative worker

Ing. Alfréd Paulovič

An external consultant and consultant for the ScudoCoin cryptocurrency area

Mgr. Marcel Biznár

Consulting attorney's office

Jana Jančová

Principal consultant for ScudoCoin business network development

Guillermo Manuel Santana Morros

Financial Services Consultant for the Caribbean


Token Info

Platform Type
Price in ICO
1 SCC = 6 EUR
Tokens for sale
Sold tokens
100,000Updated on 8th May 2018 07:45:19

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