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A revolution in the industry of lubricants.


VALENA-SV is already successful and existing business Valena-SVCoin is a Blockchain technology, which integrate in real time the manufacturer of Vlena-SV, distributors, industrial enterprises, logistics companies, construction companies with a large fleet of special equipment, car owners, and laboratories, which testing the state of lubricant. Experience in sales and production is more than 10 years; Customer base is more than 22 000 companies; The project is based on two significant discoveries of world importance! Now registration by invitation only! Economy of the token: SVCoin tokens are provided with the goods. The SVCoin tokens can be exchanged for any Valena-SV product. The whole dealer network uses SVCoin tokens for mutual settlements. The increase of demand for SVCoin tokens is guaranteed by the more profitable circumstances for the purchase of Valena-SV products using Valena-SV tokens. The purchase price using SVCoin tokens is lower by 25%. The quantity of tokens is limited (65 million SVCoin tokens), and the market volume is more than $ 70 billion and grows annually. SVCoin tokens will be sold on the main world exchanges by the end of 2018.

About Valena-SVCoin

Our product is not a panacea for all the trouble of our civilization. It will not eliminate landfills, clean water in the oceans and/or the atmosphere, but the experience of practical application of the product shows a reduction of harmful emissions by more than 3% for CO2 and more than 6 times the sulphur.

We currently have commercially available products of civil purpose in filler complexes Valena-SV for cars, Valena-SV for trucks and machinery.

Today on the streets of major cities such as Moscow or NYC, we often see Tesla cars or vehicles with hybrid engines. Some European countries, for example the Netherlands, plan in the next 10 years to update the entire country›s vehicle fleet by replacing cars with internal combustion engines for the electric engines. We offer not to wait 10-40 years while some of the world›s fleet will be transferred to the electric system and to make the environmental revolution today

Applying oil-soluble complexes Valena-SV increases
the life of the oil more than 2 times without loss of lubricating
properties; several times increases the service life of
the engine; normalized compression in the cylinders and
increases the power by 10-12%; the engine behaves better at
cold start; engine parts fully protected against hydrogen wear
and as ‹a side effect› of all this fuel savings up to 14%. This is a
remarkable performance for any car owner if he cares for his
car and wants to get a little more than was initially planned by the automaker.

If we are talking about the transport of the haulage industry - then begins the work of the law of large numbers and the savings of fuel and lubricants (POL) in the major transport companies is not the most expensive article. Much more important are the costs for the repair, maintenance and, again, direct costs on the expenditure of materials and time spent on maintenance.

The Team

Garkunov Dmitri

Chief Technical Specialist

Babel Valentina

Senior Technical Specialist

Babel Alex

Technical Project Director

Mironov Alexander

Head of Technical Department

Igor Girgin

Sales Director in Europe

Avanesyan Valentin

Senior Technical Specialist

Kvasnevska Natalia

Senior Technical Specialist Project

Shchedrin Alexei

Senior Technical Specialist Project

Melnikov Eduard

Senior Technical Specialist

Peter Leschinskiy


Astakhov Viktor

Director of Development

Stanislav Sorokin

Project Manager for Implementation of Blockchain

Fedor Strelkov

IT Project Director

Ameenah Baliad

Development Director Asia Pacific Market

Jang Hae

Development Director at Chinese and Korean Markets

Johan Packe

Sales Director in Germany

Shaheer Nazer

Director of Sales Development in India and the Middle East

Suchocki Eugene

Sales Director in Russia and CIS Countries

Francesco Oralndo

Sales Director Italy

Leonid Tuchynskiy

Investment Advisor

Gleb Kotov

Public Relations

Kovtun Eugene

The Expert Advisory Board


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