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We Make Your Vacation More Comfortable & Cheaper


Many of us go traveling or on a business trip to a different country every year, booking accommodation on, or There are several hundred of these platforms on offer around the world. They save you time on seeking a hotel, apartment or flat as well as save money by booking a room at a discount. All of them are similar, and in most cases, they are stand out from others only at the expense of a huge advertising budget. Travel cheaper! Lifetime 5% cashback from each of your reservation. We like traveling and create a service for travelers. Become a part of it.

About Tetarise

Thanks to the cryptocurrency market, Tetarise is able to tap into a niche between real estate owners and their immediate customers. Hotels retain more money, while customers pay less.

By lowering the commission of intermediaries, we are following the path of companies that changed the rules of the game in their sectors — for example, Uber, which made a call for a taxi faster and a trip cheaper.

Besides, we provide a full 10-15% cashback of hotel commission to every investor who bought Tetarise tokens valued at 10 ETH and more at the pre-ICO stage and 20 ETH and more at the ICO stage.

In other words, our investors will be able to travel for prices they would never get on other booking platforms in their lifetime. We believe that this is well-deserved payment for belief in the blockchain technology that is changing the world and all projects that participate in this movement.

The Team

Marcel Schlatter


Edgar Kampers


Henrique Centieiro


Simon Cocking


Aaron Schwartz


Irina Velichko


Denis Oleinik


Yuriy Miroshin

Co-Founder, CEO

Yuriy Mishkur


Zhanna Rachinskaya


Victoriia Ivanchenko


Shevchenko Yanina

Consulting director

Alexander Khodos

Expert in tourism

Olga Kosenkova

Community Manager

Anastasiia Honcharuk


Yaroslav Gadzinsky

Product Development Manager


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 ETH = 1500 TTR

Investment Info

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