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Smart Gambling Game Entertainment System


EnGameChain original purposes are to ensure fairness, safety and convenience of games and provide technical support and entertainment channels for it. The decentralization can expend the inherent concept of gambling, and provide open source systems for the participation and application of game developers. EnGameChain aims to create a public chain reforming the online entertainment and gambling industry. First, the decentralized technology of the blockchain can challenge trust system problem of the traditional gambling platform and eliminate credit boundary and rent-seeking space existing in various ends, enabling all transaction behavior to be transparent. The consensus mechanism of the blockchain is used as operating medium to enable the platform, bookkeeping of various ends in the industrial chain, conversion, clearance and settlement and deadline management to be operated efficiently. In order to avoid the increase of users’ uncertainty caused by monetary fluctuation of main chain, the project also designs a unique token system.

About EnGameChain

EnGameChain will adopt new-type blockchain technologies to fundamentally solve various pain points existing in the present gambling industry through “Trustless” in combination with masterly designed token system. EnGameChain will realize the establishment of open platform of the online gambling application on the blockchain based on the application clusters and users of the gambling entertainment and offline resources of special zone of the gambling grasped by the team. In brief, the advantages of using the blockchain as a solution are as below:
1. Guarantee users’ benefit: The data saved on the blockchain cannot be tampered. It is dependable, checkable and verifiable. The black box is avoided. Along with the use of “SDK” created independently by the platform, the application data on the platform is enabled real-time and dependable. Consequently, the entirely fair game results are realized.
2. Improve user experience: Users can access platform more conveniently without worries. The competitive mechanism of the platform helps users effectively choose the application as well.
3. Reduce the costs of operation and maintenance: The use of smart contract makes the process simplified and also greatly decreases the costs of human operation and maintenance.
Besides the innovative technology, EnGameChain has a strong compatibility in the design. It can faultlessly give consideration to digital asset users and non-digital asset users who carry out the activity of the gambling entertainment simultaneously by accessing EnGameChain. As a result, the existing operation system of the online gambling entertainment industry is not struck destructively either and the best seamless upgrade is made to the existing market players.
Users of EnGameChain can use digital assets such as BTC, ETH and EGC provided by the platform to make payment and bet on the game in the application of the platform, thus obtaining awards. EnGameCoin (EGC) is a digital economic behavior of measuring and embodying EnGameChain platform and a circulation medium of value as well. Making use of the issued token --- EGC, the platform establishes a complete ecological system among each subject of the whole industrial chain including users, channels, applications, agents and foundations to enable each different subject to generate different applications around EGC and obtain a benefit from the platform.

The Team

Cai Minghui


Deng Bing


Li Minghao


Luo Taizhou

Project consultant

Huang Xiaobo

Project consultant

Tang Jirong

Project consultant


Token Info

Platform Type
Price in ICO
0.001 ETH = 1,600 EGC
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