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Cryptocurrency Dedicated To A Luxury Lifestyle


Banc Coin is a Smart-Contract governed ecosystem that focuses on creating digitized Lifestyle and Luxury, which is backed by the business endeavors of CRE Consulting Group, Inc. (CCGI). The decentralization of a Global Lifestyle economic system cannot happen without a formulated structure of a crypto-economy system having several industries and sectors connected to it The Banc Coin crypto-economy has been carefully structured by CCGI, to bring about the decentralization of these various sectors of commerce, thereby making Lifestyle and Luxury available to everyone who possess the Banc Coin token. Banc Coin will be the center currency in this growing crypto-economy.

About BancCoin

Banc Coin is a global Blockchain cryptoeconomy currency with a Global Luxury Lifestyle platform. Be part of Banc Coin ICO by being the first to hold BCCN tokens, and change the World. BANCCOIN IS A NEW DIGITAL COIN THAT APPLIES BLOCKCHAIN technologies to the enormous crypto economy, giving greater access to global lifestyle and luxury, lowering barriers to achieve by further decentralizing the global lifestyle through digitization, and increasing market liquidity. It will offer an effective method of investing and securing the value of the existing 500+ Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency into the less digitized lifestyle and luxury backed by the business endeavor of CRE Consulting Group Inc. and Partners by generating real value coming from the unique Partnerships and Acquisitions designed by CRE Consulting Group Inc. Banc Coin Founders make Lifestyle of Luxury and Privilege available through the business and partnerships established by CRE Consulting Group Inc.

The Team

Courtney Morgan

CRE Consulting Group, Inc.

Tywaun Tillman

CRE Consulting Group, Inc

Erica Chaplin

CRE Consulting Group, Inc

Sydney Macdonald

Everi Exposure Entertainment NYC

Chelif Junior

Interventional Cardiologist

Merrick Morgan

United Health Services

Horace Madison

Madison Strategic Integration

Alex Francis


Dwayne Carter


Cortez Bryant


Steve Manning


Michael Blackson


Kisean Anderson


Derrick Morgan


Queen Ifrica


Alaina Beaton


Radue Watson


Alexandru Murgoci


Costin Bolgiu


Patrick Lee


Marilyne Lecointre


Winston Thomas


Mats Pettersson


Alejandro Arango


Lenore Travers


Cheo Solder


Sidney Emmanuel


Edward Case



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Price in ICO
1 BCCN = 5 USD
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