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Join The Artwork Revolution


The VooGlue platform and the “VooGlue App” integrate an ecosystem of artists, galleries, museums, art lovers, investors, a digital fingerprint of a “wall hung artwork”, a digital media counterpart and an e-commerce product counterpart. The VooGlue App permanently connects the physical item (e.g. a painting) to a digital media counterpart (e.g. a video or augmented reality experience), a product counterpart (e.g. the artwork for sale), such that these elements become permanently connected counterparts, unique to the physical artwork and inseparable from the physical wall hung item. From a user’s perspective, the digital counterparts are accessed simply by pointing a mobile device at the physical artwork hanging on the wall.

About Vooglue

Enjoy art video and other media on your mobile device right there at the physical artwork. This will enhance your art exhibition experience.
A lightweight and intuitive mobile app that can also be accessed from any web browser.
VooGlue can reduce art buying and selling transaction fees from up to 3.5% to under $1!
Blockchain technology makes the platform and your personal data perfectly secure.
VooGlue makes trading of artwork faster and easier. Every purchase can be completed in a matter of seconds.


The Team

Volodymyr Lytvyniuk


Ratko Stambolija

ICO Advisor

Nisha Sood

Web Developer

Vidadi Sheadev


Hideaki Yuri

Token Development

Kristine Buenavista

Community Manager

Graham Stone

Content Manager

Alexandr Radchuk

ICO Expert

Tania Pickering


Puspendra Yadav

Systems Administrator

Lilian Lim

Customer Care

Daniel Spyralatos

Chief Marketing Officer

Manmohan Rawat

Graphic Design

Brian Carew-Hopkins

Chairman & CEO


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1 ETH = 500 VGC

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