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Propelling Humanity Forward


We are an Australian organisation utilising blockchain technology to decentralise the intellectual property processes. Through our platform we fund, develop and commercialise the IP behind new technologies, ensuring inventors are secure and autonomous.

About USAT

Empowering Innovation
The United Scientists Association of Technology platform is the first of its kind connecting inventors and innovators to funding through blockchain technology.
We fund and develop new virtuous technologies, which are submitted to our platform by inventors from all around the world; once successful, we oversee full commercial implementation.

Intellectual Property Repository
When a new technology is developed, we assist the inventor in patenting the innovative product and then purchase the rights to the IP and patents for an agreeable fee.
Once acquired, all patents and trade secrets are added to the USAT IP Repository where they are stored and made available for shared ownership.

Introducing USAT Token
A USAT Token is a token of shared ownership of all present and future patents stored in the USAT Inc. IP repository. A USAT Token holder is a part-owner of all of these patents.
USAT Tokens are used in all transactions between the United Scientists Association of Technology Inc. and third parties, including IP acquisitions from inventors and IP or product sales to non-government buyers.

Technology to Make a Difference
As a non-profit organisation we have a vision to develop breakthrough, innovative products that have a positive impact on developing countries and ultimately the world.
Central to our organisation are humanitarian projects that implement our technologies to the communities and people that need them most.

The Team

Rich Merrill

Senior Developer USAT Inc.

Artūras Svirskis

Advisor, Lithuania

Sally Eaves

Advisor, United Kingdom

Jason Hung

Advisor, Taiwan

Sydney Ifergan

Marketing Advisor USAT Inc.

Peter Banjanin

Co-Founder USAT Inc.

Dr. Benedict de St. Amatus

Co-Founder USAT Inc. and Chief Scientist

Natasha Cain

Marketing & PR USAT Inc.

Andrew Banjanin

Web Developer USAT Inc.

Mike Alonso

Senior Developer USAT Inc.

Matt Swezey

Senior Developer USAT Inc.

Maxwell Bodoia

Blockchain Developer CapchainX

Beryl Chavez-Li

Blockchain Developer CapchainX

Michael Giles

Junior Developer USAT Inc.

Patrick Merrill

Senior Developer USAT Inc.


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