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Supply Chain Management Re-designed


The procurement and sourcing process has many stages which require concerned parties to use a collaborative approach throughout its lifecycle. PlanPort simplifies this process by unifying the entire procurement process end-to-end. Moreover, Planport intends to create a seamless interaction right from on-boarding, monitoring, issuing and expenditure management, payment processes and performance analysis, and supplier management and procurement consultancy. Planport is making the supply chain, specifically the procurement and sourcing into a painless process, we have have been talking with clients to find our product market fit and building our product from that feedback loop. Our token use cases came from the product market fit process.

About Planport

Planport offers:

Painless process
Painless RFI, RFP, RFQs building, with simple team and stakeholders collaboration mechanism. Sourcing decisions and updates are easily managed from start to finish.

Contract Management
Planport uses cryptographically secure, smart-contracts which can be issued with projects and different events timeframes within the network, in return this means enterprises can eliminate legal risks, high-remittance fees, slow project automation and more.

Supply chain experts On-Demand
This is an innovative model that is designed to help the procurement process by combining it with subject matter expertise for enterprises and individuals. The network is designed to help avoid the costly and time consuming, firm based consultancy. Users will easily connect with experts in different category needs and transact without any hassle that they have to face with procurement advising firms.

Reverse Auctions
Planport reverse auction capability means,users can have the following critical benfits as they are designed to generate costs savings that overall improve and change the procurement process 1) Reduction of purchasing costs 2) Enhancement of the procurement process 3) Increased efficiency in the market 4) Access to a global supplier base.

B2B remittance
Transactions within the PlanPort network will use our ERC20 token, this opens up and solves, the problem of B2B remittance by bringing a low-fee, realtime access in greater detail,secure safeguards, eliminated reconciliation. These will improve speed to market, enhancing profitability which can result in improved working capital and performance for both end of companies.

Supplier Management
Planport's supplier management portal is designed to make the lives of suppliers easy, so they are able to cut the time of response from days to minutes, as well as responding to RFPs, we also have a reputation system and performance review which can help the network to easily identify best performers, eliminate risk, ultimately bring a greater business outcome

The Team

Sophonias Isaac H


Piao Rihe

Full-stack software engineer

Dmytro Chornenkyi


Leonardo Gedler

Ethereum Architect

Thomas Mclaughlin

Blockchain architect

Saheen Mautbur

Marketing and Finance

Lucas cervigni

Senior Advisor


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