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Zamanat is an encrypted ride-hailing and personal safety app that protects your privacy. Unlike other ride-hailing services, Uber and Lyft Zamanat uses end-to-end encryption to keep the communication between the users and drivers private. End-to-end encryption makes it almost impossible for a third party or even the Zamanat’s service provider to gain access to the users’ travel data. With Zamanat the users have the full authority to choose who can track their location. The users can allow friends and family to track them regardless of hailing a ride to have a companion on their side. Zamanat uses a blockchain based user authentication. The cryptography based security system on the distributed network of blockchain makes the users’ credentials secure and tamper-proof. With Zamanat we are also introducing Zamanat Token (ZMT). ZMT is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency token that can be used as a payment method on Zamanat. Zamanat will also support credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Stripe as payment methods.

About Zamanat

Rides and Safety is a ride-hailing and personal safety app that uses end-to-end encryption to protect the privacy of the passengers and the drivers. We provide the following main features on Zamanat app

1. End-to-end encryption for privacy protection The end-to-end encryption makes sure that the location data of the passengers and the drivers remain private and that no third party can access it unless they are allowed by the passenger.

2. Personal safety feature The users can allow their loved ones to track their location in real-time to have a companion on their side regardless of hailing a ride.

3. Blockchain based user authentication The cryptography based security system on the distributed network of blockchain makes it almost impossible for a third party to gain access to your data or tamper with it.

4. Multiple payment methods including payment by our own cryptocurrency, Zamanat Token The users can choose from multiple internationally accepted payment methods to pay for the rides and also pay by Zamanat Token.

5. Zamanat mining rig We will also provide a mining rig that can be installed in cars for mining and earning free Zamanat Tokens.

The Team

Sanzar Kakar

Chairman & CFO

Rahimullah Mojaddedi


Sher Shah Rahim


Saifuddin Sepehr

Product Lead

Rahmatullah Darwish

Lead Blockchain Developer

Khalid Ahmad Anoosh

Lead Android Developer

Hafizullah Samim

iOS Developer

Farzana Mohammadi

Web Developer

Behroz Ahmad Ali

Application Architect and Technical Writer

Sami Samim

Business Development Director

Malahat Mazaher

Business Development Manager


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