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The Revolutionary Global VR University


SocratesCoin is the the currency of the knowledge industry. Based on a Ethereum blockchain open source platform, SocratesCoin provides a transparent and secured distributed ledger data infrastructure. It is the currency of choice for Nauka World.

About Socratescoin

Socratescoinisthethecurrencyoftheknowledgeindustry. BasedonaEthereumblockchain open source platform, Socratescoin provides a transparent and secured distributed ledger data infrastructure. It is the currency of choice for Nauka World.

Nauka World is the virtual reality enabled global education platform together with a Science to Industry ecosystem.

NaukaWorld providestheworld’sleadingscientificeducationenablingalifelongcreationof deep learning and knowledge transference.

We are pleased to announce a rich platform of digital currency, scientific breakthrough, Virtual Reality education technologies and job creation capabilities for the next century of leadership.

This white paper introduces several capabilities that are most easily conceived as our Minimal Viable Products into this new world of leadership.

The Team

Prim. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Karl Philipp Mrak-Caamaño, MSc

Consultant Surgeon - General Medical Director at Private Hospital HANSA, Graz and Sanatorium St. Leonhard, Graz, Austria

Ms. Linda Buisson

Results Coach and Business Results Trainer

Mr. Robert Carlbo

Global tennis Consultant Former USA

Mr. Ismael López Origel

Educative Model Expert

Manuel Batista

CEO and Co-Founder Socratescoin CEO Nauka World

Pirmin Troger

Managing Partner and Co-Founder Socratescoin President Nauka World

Prof. Alfred Hasselbacher

Founder and Rector Nauka University

Mark Jeffery

COO Socratescoin & Nauka

Thomas Rivette

CTO SocratesCoin & Nauka

Luis Gerardo Saldaña Ledesma

Project Manager

Julia Kirchler

CPO & Brand Guardian Socratescoin and Nauka

Mario Petrone

Senior Web Designer

Virginia Salas Kastilio

CMO Socratescoin & Nauka

Oscar Perriman

Scriptwriter and Content Creator

Lettice Cook

VP of Communication

Jacobo Genuardi


Adriano Spadaro


Mr. Alfred B. Thacher, Jr.

The Elixir Group, LLC – Corporate Finance firm / Advisor

Mr. Graham North

Corporate Finance - Tax litigation - Corporate Governance - Structured Finance Managing Partner and founder of Arrowbridge Capital Partners

Mr. Garry Stubbs

General Director of The Association for Blockchain Technology Distance Learning Advisor

Dr. med E. Lopez-Vidriero


His Excellence L. S. Ngonyama


Professor Alexander Artjomov


Prof. Dr. med Viktor Borisov


H. M. King Ayi


Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza


Prof. Dr. Dimitry Strebkov


Ms. Elena Churina


Prof.Dr. Schores Iwanowitsch Alfjorow


Prof.Dr. Dmitry V. Fursaev


Vladimir Mokly


Prof. Oleg L. Kuznetsov


Luca Zhou



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