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Decentralized Cyber World


Current Web model is competitive and is based on third parties monopoly. It is majorly used for advertisements and hits its bottleneck with Internet Congestion. We are developing decentralized model to solve the problem of the congestion, decentralized search, collaborative webmasters network, free harmonic advertising and sellers honesty rewarding, information security and freedom, and bring greener and flexible approach to the blockchain and mining, along with concepts of barter trade in poor regions, decentralized organizations whose decisions are based on the needs of their community and transparent electronic voting.

About Globatrix


Current Web models logic is competitive. Most of the Internet traffic is used for advertisements and similar looking versions of the websites with similar content to promote adverts. This brings problems like Internet Congestion, wasted traffic, lots of redundant data on the network and unintuitive marketing which invades personal space and becomes irritating. The browsers are not secure; adware and spyware bring security threats. There is information control, competition, and monopoly. Proof of Work blockchain technology consumes a lot of power.

The new approach is offered to build decentralized Cyber World based on collaborative logic, greener and flexible blockchain, intelligent environment, information freedom, secure browsers that don’t use cookies and don’t have security breaches, collaborative webmasters network with no competition and monopoly, traffic management for decentralized search, harmonic advertisement network, actions rewarding, decentralized organizations built on interests and needs of their communities and transparent electronic voting, and integrated VR capabilities.


We are thrilled to stand here today offering our idea and passion to the world.

We offer the new approach to build entirely new decentralized Cyber World model based on collaborative logic, greener and flexible blockchain, intelligent environment, information freedom, collaborative webmasters network, harmonic advertisements, sellers honesty rewarding, decentralized organizations built on interests and needs of their community and transparent electronic voting, and integrated VR capabilities.

The logical and technological approach that will change the face of the Internet as we know it today. 

Only together and in collaboration we can make it possible.


Advanced privacy & security
No cookies, adware or spyware
Decentralized financially self-sustainable ecosystem
Information Freedom
Not competitive, collaborative logic
Webmasters collaborative network
Harmonic advertisement algorithm
Sellers reputation based honesty rewarding
New generation blockchain
Solves Internet Congestion problem
2-directional links on the Web
Solution to the ICO Bubble problem
Barter exchange of goods
Full VR support

New generation of blockchain called PILLARS, based on the mathematical tensors, with logical representation of 3 and more dimensional matrices which allow storing data and processing it.

The concept of tensors is widely used in the programming algorithms of AI (Artificial Intelligence), but we have connected this concept with the blockchain technology and used IA  (Intelligent Algorithms) concept to analyze non-sensitive data to balance the platform.

SHA-256 and Proof-of-Work algorithms are used.

If you think of a blockchain as of a book with page numbers, where each number depends on the previous one, then you can think of PILLARS as of an address book with a reference order list which tells miners which letter and line (or number) to look at.

This approach also allows two-way links and relations between the records and nodes on the network (unlikely in the HTTP model).

It uses Globe VPN protocol for establishing secure connections between the nodes, as well as the logical address of the node is not based on the IP, but is overwritten with a different stack of layers, with a ciphered hash address of the node on the network, understandable by traffic manager and other nodes.

The Traffic managers are the interfaces and instruments that route the data on the network and act as decentralized search engines.

The platform will include cross-platform GBro browser, Globe Messenger and Globe CMS for webmasters.

The interfaces will support classical interfaces, 3-D interfaces, and VR interfaces.

The Team

Dimitri Kostin

Gruad Technologies CEO, Project Globatrix Architect

Michael Lungo

Founder of TKVR/CUR1YJ Interface Master

Satyam Agrawal

Founder of SecureBlocks Blockchain Master

Marco Romero

Founder and CEO of Marco Romero 3D Design Studio

Varun Pratap Singh

Cryptography/Signal Master

Dejan Vujicic

Math, Electrical/Computer Engineer

Ana Helena Bittencourt

Deadlines, Public Relations


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