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XENT Chain

XENT Chain

Ever Dreamed of Mining by Playing Games?


XENT is the currency of XENT Chain game universe. Unlike classical cryptocurrency, XENT tokens cannot be obtained with the help of proof of work or proof of stake, but you can earn it in our games by extracting resources, completing quests and getting achievements. The currency is the same for all games and can be earned in one game and then spent in another game or sold at a crypto exchange. For XENT, you can buy game resources, items, perks, characters and much more, depending on the particular game.

About XENT Chain

Blockchain has come into our daily lives and more and more services are using this technology for its work to remain on the cutting edge in.

In XENT Chain we have been working for the past few months to bring blockchain technology into games that will allow to play it as well as to earn cryptocurrency at the same time. Not only will you be able to receive a virtual income by extracting resources, completing tasks and quests in games, but you will also be able to convert your income into XENT cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can be mined by a player in one game, and spent in another one or can be sold at a crypto exchange.

XENT coin will be issued in the form of the Waves platform token, one of the most convenient and complete networks based on blockchain, which, thanks to its complete ecosystem, optimizes development of the project and provides a strong and secure network of nodes. The release of the token on the Waves platform will provide access to all platform technologies right after its release, for example, to decentralized trading platform (DEX) and Waves digital wallets, available for all possible mobile and stationary devices.

Our token will help finance the completion of the first Raygate game for Android and iOS devices, the cost of the server part of the project, the development of its own mobile wallet, advertising and marketing and the development of subsequent games and applications for our ecosystem.

The Team

Alexander Gusarov

Co-Founder/Game Developer/Technologies

Roman Krestyaninov


Eugene Litklutuev

Game Designer/Visuals

Yury Dziatlau

Marketing Promotion/Bounty/Social Media


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