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Binocoin platform is a unique and all-encompassing decentralized financial hub that is designed to make cryptocurrency trading as easy as eating a pie. It is a one-of-its-kind solution that aims to revolutionize crypto investment as well as bring sanity to the cryptocurrency exchange industry. We are a dedicated two-way exchange platform where crypto enthusiasts and investors can exchange their cryptocurrency to other cryptocurrencies or to fiat and grow their portfolio via reduced remittance cost compared to other exchanges. We also offer an E-trade hub where peer-to-peer trading of goods and services can be carried out. For this, we leverage on transparency, a core value of blockchain technology and the technological convenience of Ethereum smart contract to create a cryptocurrency backed ecommerce solution where goods and services can be bought so that income can be increased for sellers and buyers to enjoy very low transaction fee. At Binocoin, we understand that responsiveness and simplicity are the highest form of sophistication and we provide our platform users with just that. We are highly dedicated to your satisfaction and our goal is to provide you a seamless exchange and e-trade experience.

About Binocoin

Binocoin Platform is built to be a go-to place for investors to maximize return of investment (ROI) on their Crypto assets. Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, people's yearnings have always been how to convert crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto without hiccups and at a minimal fee.

Through our market research which started in 2016, we realized that basically there are two types of exchanges: crypto-to-crypto exchange and crypto-to-fiat exchange. A substantial part of trader's funds is often eroded by transaction fees while trying to transfer from one exchange to another, all in the process of converting coins to at or from coin to coin. We believe that an exchange that can provide both services of crypto-tocrypto and crypto-to-at exchange will drastically reduce transaction fee thereby playing a major role in liquidating crypto assets. Also, the possibility of buying and selling goods and services with crypto currencies without involvement of the traditional financial set-up has been very elusive. Bino team is pleased to announce to you that in no distant future, you should be able to buy and sell your goods and services on our etrade hub with purely crypto currencies. So get your wallets ready. The binocoin project is born out of the passion to restore condence and bring sanity into the coin exchange industry. It is a platform that seeks to operate as a:

· Crypto-to-crypto exchange
· Crypto-to-fiat exchange and;
· E-trade hub

Through this system, transaction costs will be next to non-existent as traders won’t have to move their crypto assets from one exchange to another to have them converted to fiat. With Binocoin, all transactions will be at your fingertips as it leverages on the peer-to-peer feature of blockchain to create a truly decentralized exchange. The best time to join the train is now! As time is ticking.

The Team

Edikan Anana

Co founder

Usoroh I. E.

Co founder

Ashish Chamoli

Chief Engineer

Rohit Agarwal

Security Officer

Push Sharma

Chief Architect

Konstantyn Kudin

Head Marketing

Daniel A. Lagoszniak

Blockchain and Trading Exchange Expert

Damilola O. Marshall

Chief Financial Officer

Yusuf adegoke

Content Developer

Johnson Ofonimeh

Blockchain and Trading Exchange Expert

Ombo Malumbe

Legal Consultant


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