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Censorship Free Social Media Platform


LIST101 is a decentralized, censorship free social media platform that safeguards user data through the integration of blockchain technology and splits revenue 50/50 with its user base. The global social media industry is losing users in the desired demographic because people feel increasingly exploited by the likes of Facebook. A democratic, social game of popularity and influence sets LIST101 apart from any other platform on the market and pushes for an overdue paradigm shift in social media.

About LIST101

We at LIST101 are passionate advocates for the disruption brought by token economies and blockchain technology. For that reason, we are striving to create new ideas and concepts that serve to disrupt and decentralise government, central banking and corporate power to help bring about change and pave the way for a golden age of global economic prosperity and personal freedom.

The mission of LIST101 is to disrupt the industry of social media and derail the agenda led by the powers that be to control and exploit citizens around the globe through social media.

By tapping into the heart of social media pop culture, LIST101 beats the monster at its own game. The nature of the LIST101 concept allows users to indulge in a fun, addictive and democracy based game of popularity and influence, while at the same time being able to enjoy the features of a cutting edge social media platform and monetize online time and activity in a decentralised and secure environment.

Through the 50/50 profit split policy and the LIST101 Retail Partner Program, LIST101 ensures that future advertising dollars are converted to the AMINGO crypto currency, circulated into the global economy and awarded to the users. As it should be.

Consequently, the LIST101 concept promotes the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and a decentralised future of the social media industry.

The Team

Robert Hintze

CEO & Founder

Kasper Hjorth

COO & Creative Director

Søren Markersen

CTO & Head of Security

Michelle Dejonghe


Ulrik Nørklit

CSO & Head of Commercial Strategy

Marina Medyantseva

Project Manager

Mikhail Bashmakov

Backend Tech Lead

Anton Romanov

iOS Tech Lead

Oksana Skorniakova

Android Tech Lead

Vladimir Vlasiuk

Backend Senior Developer

Stig Abildsø

Investor & Advisor

Pernille Lotus

Investor & Advisor

Lars-Christian Brask


Raghuram Baha


Brad O’Hara



Token Info

Price in ICO
0.3000 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
15 BTC
Distributed in ICO
60 %

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