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Markets: 29,509
ICO's: 4,983
Market Cap: $351,637,329,028
24h Vol: $99,063,045,379
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Assisting Blockchain Entrepreneur


The idea of cryptocurrency exchanges is not particularly new but the mechanism for 100 % secure e-trading with extra-fast execution of the contracts is still missing. The DLEX project has been created by a group of software developers and cryptocurrency experts. It is a cryptocurrency exchange with advanced features. The project has several functional features that may be easily omitted by the users. The key idea of the project is to create a unified Blockchain-based infrastructure that allows each user to carry out necessary trade operations using the system's own web-interface. Security and high-speed operation of the system are guaranteed by the liquidity pool. In fact, the project combines the advantages of both decentralized and centralized Blockchain systems. The former offers security and anonymity while the latter provides high-speed execution of the contracts. How the DLEX Exchange Differs from the Lookalikes? The liquidity pool and orders are used in this project for the first time. Consequently, this decreases the time needed to process the operations. Their safety is ensured by the use of the traditional Blockchain methodology.

About Dlex

DLEX is the world’s first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange with aggregate pool of liquidity which combine speed of centralized solutions and the reliability of decentralized. Service is a product of high quality, which combines high speed of operation, well-developed technical base and convenient to use professional trading interface, gathering all the best from leading projects.

The project code and documentation will be published in open access on the service which will allow not only to study the technical side of the project but also to propose its changes.

Everyone will be able to start and maintain a master node to increase the decentralization of the project and to help distribute working nodes around the world.

The DLEX ecosystem itself will consist not only of the main site but can also offer a quick and efficient White Label solution which at this stage has no analogues - a pooled liquidity pool for all sites within the ecosystem. With this model even a significant increase in one site will affect the entire ecosystem and increase the income of the holders of the token.

The Team

Annie Burns

Co-Founder & CEO

Tracy Burke

Co-Founder & CFO

Ronnie Ruiz

Co-Founder & CTO

Vincent Kelly

Vincent Kelly

Rosa Hopkins

Tech Lead

Rose Thomas

Operations Manager

Jacob Kuhn

Crypto Analyst

Maurice Anderson


Billy Allen

Technical Design Advisor

Cody Kelley

Business Intelligence Advisor

Terrence Lowe


Isobel Murphy


Herman Rodriguez


Marc Kelley

Financial Advisor

Toni Mendoza

Blockchain Advisor

Dale Snyder

Blockchain Advisor

Constance Lewis

Marketing Advisor

Lewis Ruiz

Business Advisor

Leroy Ford

Technology Advisor

Leroy Ford

Technology Advisor

Ernest Brown


Christian Moore

Data Science Advisor

Ruben Perez

Ruben Perez


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