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The Future of Online Donation


PLDGR, pronounced as /pledger/, is committed in helping those who help others. By combining the traceability and efficiency of Blockchain, and leveraging the network effects of Social Media, we aim to significantly improve, yet simplify the process of online charitable giving.

About Pldgr

The Future of Online Donation aims to introduce the PLDGR Fundraiser and Donation Platform to the non-profit community. Combining the security, transparency and efficiency of Blockchain, and the network effects of Social Media to significantly improve, yet simplify the process of online giving. By utilizing the use of hashtags (#), the act of donating will be as easy as Tweeting or commenting on a Facebook post. The already established trend of using hashtags on social media will make it easier for everyone to send in their donation and spread awareness about their chosen charity to their network of friends and families.

Online Charitable Giving Today

We are now living in a time where social media has become the most accessible and efficient means to reach out to people from all walks of life which is why innovation and technology has been continuously built to better utilize its potential. The non-profit community has greatly benefited from this in their fundraising and charity campaigns. Now with a farther and wider reach, they have received more support to their cause through online donations. However, recent studies show a steady decrease of online donations which may be attributed to the difficulty of online charitable giving and the lack of awareness of charity and fundraising events. The industry is clearly in need of a major upgrade. People who are interested in donating to help global disasters or simply to reach out to those in need often find the traditional process of online donation tedious and unappealing. With the surge of online content every minute, people often get confused on which charity or cause to donate to; and even when they finally decide, they find it difficult to do so.


The Team

Francis Llena


Muhammad Syarief Asbir II



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