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Simple Shopping And Safe Pay


PAYERA is based on the concept of the most successful and most known e-commerce enterprise in the Asian region, but much easier to handle. Combined with SHOP & CARDERA we offer a multifunctional solution which in this form does not exist on the crypto market yet.


The market for crypto currencies is the most dynamic of our time. Digital currencies use public accounting systems to file transactions.

We are convinced that the future of the current financial system will be dependent on the development of the Blockchain technology and on the reaction of the community. The Blockchain can and will, in our view, be used to achieve a really strong, positive development of the financial system.

For quite some time, our team has intensely worked on the blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. We discovered, that due its strong volatility and high anonymity, people do speculate more with Cryptocurrencies than using the coins as a currency.

This is why the idea of PAYERA emerged to use Cryptocurrencies free of worry. We will create a secure multifunction‐platform which is going to be easy to operate with.

After we had drawn up the initial concept, we secured ‐ after a brief presentation‐ interested partners and consultants and thus we have systematically built up our team.

In the process of optimizing our main product down to the smallest detail, something extraordinary has emerged: An All‐in‐One‐conept that enables us to operate with even more flexibility in the market.

The Team

Atakan Ali Yildirim

CEO & Co-founder

Masrur Odinaev

CTO & Co-Founder

Benjamin Vogt

Head of Design

Daniel Migrov


Samet Dogan

Project Manager

Fatih Yildiz

Finance and Strategy Manager

Oleksii Liubchenko

Web Development

Kristina Maisinger


Maxim Mucharov


Hans-Jörg Holzförster


Klaus Bethava


Vladimir Donskoi


Jana Knetschke



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