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World's First Block-Chain Settlement Service


The DreamPay is aimed at consumers and affiliated stores,as well as coins to support economic growth all over the world .The-Dream-Pay, a new settlement instrument that is not bound by any country or currency,provides our customers with global payment instruments that are free and unlimited by linking with our proprietary Pay and Wallet and various encryption currencies.

About D-Zone

The settlement service that D-ZoneCoin adopted a world's first blockchain technology and was built. D-ZoneCoin is connected with TheDreamPay and achieves high security and advantage convenience and aims at the coin with which a consumer group and an affiliated store support economic growth of all over the world. The-Dream-Pay is new settlement means not to be seized with a country and a lawful currency. Pay and wallet of our original development that provide the global settlement means that there is not of being seized with a limit by freedom by linking various crypto currencies in the whole world. Currently, various crypto currencies come into the world daily and each currency sets the vision with the foundation of a blockchain in the various fields including settlement, IOT, a contract system and a platform, however the real state of affairs that many crypto currencies have not be able to achieve the vision. We utilize existing infrastructure in a field of the settlement and realize interconnectivity and provide the range of blockchain assets to the user as possible on a large scale.

The Team

Samheum Yun

CEO & Founder

Thibaut Michot

Marketing & PR

Yoojung Lee


Tomoya Tsujigawa


Hongseop Kim

Blockchain Developer

Chanwoo Kim

Solution Analyst

Hongseop Kim

Blockchain Developer

Ilsung Yoon

Solution Analyst

Yeeun Jeong


Joel Van Loon


Youn Bok Ha



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