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 Reborn Bloc

Reborn Bloc

All Wastes Can Be Re-Born


We have a proven track-record for our business and our breakthrough technology. We are starting a reverse ICO.We are concerned with global energy issues and the pollution we leave in the process of the disposal of waste. We are focused on making the clean energy using wastes as the source without causing any secondary pollution and at the same time, secure Carbon Emission Reduction (CER credit) with reliable data proofs from the blockchain.


About Reborn Bloc

The global energy market has been facing many changes.

Fossil fuels, the leading energy resource, is now on the verge being exhausted.

The increase of the inevitably generated waste matter and waste water by burning fossil fuels is destroying the ecosystem and undermining the Earth’s ability of self-purification. The energy crisis is not only causing environmental pollution but also threatening the survival of humanity. Many countries are investing astronomical amounts of money to develop renewable energy such as solar power, wind power and bio mass but no remarkable renewable energy source has been developed. A more frustrating fact is that even if the development of renewable energy succeeds, the use of that energy will also result in waste products and wastewater in proportion to use. Therefore, unless new energy environmental technology that can simultaneously solve the waste problem is developed, existing renewable energy source cannot be referred to as “Clean future energy”.

We have succeeded in overcoming the structural limitations of this renewable energy and developing our own new exclusive solutions that can solve both energy crisis and environmental pollution. With the completion of Chamhana high technology that converts waste products into highly efficient usable energy form, all wastes can undergo eco-friendly handling process to achieve the “Virtuous cycle of energy and waste”.

The combination of our innovative technology with blockchain technology that is changing the world-wide industrial landscape will bring synergy and power of influence beyond our imagination. We believe, given that both energy and environment-related businesses are global interests and have great implications for all humanity, its combination with blockchain technology is both inevitable and necessary. We plan to implement Reborn Energy Block as a method of payment across all industries and develop our business with a sense of duty to contribute in preventing energy crisis and environmental pollution by recycling waste and waste water with the Or-system by Chamhana Technology.

The Team

Dongmin Choi


Jeong yong Shim

Vice Chairman of Chamhana System Co.

Jaem yeong Jin

JaemyeongJin Vice President, Chamhana G.W. Co.

Deok jae Park

Technical Director of ChamhanaSystem Co.

Gwang seop Kim

General Director of Chamhana Re-Born Bloc

Chiseon Nam

CEO of ChamhanaRe-Born Bloc

Sowon Shim

Director at Chamhana Re-born Bloc Co.

Yun jae Cho

CEO of Green Re-Born Bloc Co. Ltd.


Global Maketing Green Re-born Bloc

Chol Kim

Chairman of Hamki Partners

Hwadu Lee


Gyeong hun Lee

Main Director

Jihun Kim


Yun jong Kim



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