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The Future of Advertising


Adblurb is a new generation of Marketing and Advertising. All data will exist on the blockchain instead of centralized servers. Adblurb is a unique platform that allows modern and advanced marketing technique with using smart contract in multiple different and unique ways while providing total security and privacy. Adblurb is for everyone! Adblurb not only offers Unique Ad marketplace but also solve issues regarding current e-commerce and crowdfunding.

About Adblurb

Adblurb is primarily targeting the online advertising and marketing industries. We see ads everywhere, sometimes entertaining and sometimes irritating, but have you ever thought about how big the online advertising and marketing industry is?

Most organisations are involved with these industries for the promotion and advertising of their product or service. Many companies advertise to create brand awarenesswhile othersadvertise to maintain the reputation of their brand.

Overall, companies have spent more than 40% on advertising in all of it’s forms. Advertising and the marketing industry has been growing consistently for the last two decades and has only increased since the invention of smartphones and the internet.Programmatic digital display advertising spending is projected to be over $32 billionin 2017 in the USA alone and is expected to grow to almost $46 billion by 2019. Global digital ad spending is projected to exceed $300billion in 2020. The share of programmatic ads is growing. Pro tability can be reached once Adblurb takes over even a small portion of the ad market such as 1% average fee collected from payments. 1% fee is an order of magnitude smaller than current rates, so even higher revenues might be possible. 

The Team

Luc Brunelle

Founder & CEO

Herbert Hill

Co-Founder & CTO

Moore Archibald

Head Director & COO

Oliver Holmes

Marketing Director & Advisor

Imogen Payne

Cyber Security Advisor

Rhiannon Lane

Digital Advertising Manager

Eilidh O'Connor

Senior Developer

Arthur Griffin

AI Graphics Designer

Byrne Samuel

UX/UI Web Developer

Bates Gilbert

Solidity & Blockchain Expert

Walter Rose

Core Developer & Community Builder

Johnston Alec

Technology Researcher


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