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Byelex helps to increase the innovative strength of organizations by using pioneering technologies, scientifically validated insights and proven cases. ByeleX is not a new company. We have been in business since 1994 and have proven to be a trustworthy, highly-skilled partner for many clients at home and abroad. We have developed important and solid high-tech products and solutions both on our own initiative and incollaboration with clients. ByeleX not only promises success; with an almost unlimited access to the R&D facilities at the BSU (Belarus State University) we have proven our skills for more than two decades in the area of: Location awareness, mobile and cloud technology; Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition; Cryptography.

About Byeshares

ByeleX is on the eve of a completely new phase, as the technologies developed are packaged in products and the knowledge and outstanding expertise is to be deployed more widely and more commercially. The important, logical next step will be to conquer the potential market opportunities effectively and efficiently with new insights and a new market approach.

It is to the credit of the founder and the incumbent management that they have been able to successfully manage this company all these years, even during periods of crisis.

ByeleX developed successful products and expertise in these three important fields of technology: Location awareness, mobile & cloud technology; Artificial intelligence & pattern recognition; Cryptography. 

Through ByeleX, you own and apply, and have at your disposal: The most secure world-class encryption technology; Highly-advanced natural language processing system; Extremely sophisticated and impressive pattern recognition platform for videos; Sophisticated and successful
occupational health system.

The Team

Herman Vissia

Founder and CE

Edwin van der Hooft


Toshio Spoor


Michel van Westen


Roel Wolfert

Qoin, CEO and founder

Victor Krasnoproshin

Scientific Advisor

Piet Knobel

Accountant & Business Advisor

Rob Verheul

Advisor banking and securities


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10 BYS
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