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Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gateway and ecosystem purpose-built for the lifestyle and dining industries. Hundreds of thousands of people use Liven to discover thousands of restaurants, process millions in instant mobile payments, and earn LVN - The Digital Currency for Food. LVN can be saved up, spent at any Liven merchant, or donated to a nonprofit organization natively in the Liven platform.

About LivenPay

Liven is a universal rewards network with integrated payment facility aiming to consumers cryptocurrencies for everyday people by solving hese problems. Since 2014 Liven has grown to service 350,000+ users transacting at 1,000+ venues in Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, with international expansion beginning in Q1 2019 with London, UK. Processing millions in payments Liven rewards users with our network currency for every transaction they make. Liven is already integrated with a number of key Point of Sale (POS) partners allowing it to each more than 20,000 venues.

The next step in the evolution of Liven is the addition of blockchain to this payment system through the incorporation of an Ethereum ERC-20 token called LivenCoin, or LVN.

The unique features of the Liven Platform and the existing network of merchant partners and users will seek to address both problems identified above. First, the economic design of LivenCoin reduces price volatility through a unique, internal conversion rate which gives LVN intrinsic value - every LVN Token in circulation possesses purchasing power that can be used within the Liven network. Second, the addition of the cryptocurrency payment gateway will be unnoticeable to merchants, as they are still paid in fiat. These features combined with Liven’s presence in hundreds of venues and large, active user-base assists Liven to overcome the current barriers preventing cryptocurrency adoption at a retail level.

Liven’s decentralised rewards protocol is governed by a smart contract which will enable rewards to be disseminated indefinitely despite a limited LVN Token supply and encourages corrective behaviour with any external markets that may arise, giving the stability necessary for everyday use. LVN Tokens earned by transacting can also be donated directly to a charity.

The LVN Initial Coin Offering will offer for purchase 3 billion of the 10 billion LVN Tokens created to raise $28M USD. Approximately $8.4M will be set aside to cover the redemption/spending of the distributed tokens in the short term. The balance $19.6M will be allocated towards (i) fuelling Liven’s rapid global expansion starting with the UK and (ii) developing the new cryptocurrency gateway. 

The Team

William Wong

Co-founder/Chief Executive Of icer

Grace Wong

Co-founder/Chief Marketing Of icer

David Ballerini

Co-founder/Chief Scientific Of icer

Cheng Chi

Co-founder/Chief Technology Of icer

Shahrooz Chowdhury


Tom Nash

Lead Blockchain Developer

Alexander Ramsay

Blockchain Architect

Lon Wong

Founder and ex-president of Foundation Founder, ProximaX

John-Paul Thorbjornsen

Co-founder & Director, Master Node Ventures CEO & Co-Founder,

James Waugh

Director, Blue Block Capital Business Development Lead, Wanchain

James Mawhinney

Venture Capitalist Managing Partner, Mayfair101

Nick Bell

Director Appscore

Michael Bacina

Partner Piper Alderman

Tony Stuart

CEO Unicef Australia


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