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The World First Cryptocurrency Bank


zeosX is the World First Cryptocurrency Bank. We aim to redefine the future of finance for a world-class banking experience. Built based on a finance ecosystem, zeosX consists of the futuristic banking components.

About zeosX

zeosX is a decentralized crypto bank aiming to revolutionize the traditional banking industry. Our cutting-edge technological system is built based on a powerful finance ecosystem which consists of futuristic banking components. 1. Borrow with or without collateral; 2. Superior crypto mobile wallet; 3. Luxurious and stunning quality cards; 4. Investments, auction, and lending Taking a cue from cryptocurrencies, we can see, as stated below, the problems it has solved in general.

Not only does zeosX offer banking security with countless added benefits, but it is also created to rewrite history and to change people perception of cryptocurrencies. With zeosX, there is no need for traditional banks and third-party payment networks anymore as our banking components are equipped with the latest groundbreaking finance technologies. From taking a loan, online shopping to even paying for coffee, we have got everything covered. With the gradual decline in the number of users using traditional banking, zeosX will expand even at a faster rate as cryptocurrencies continue to grow. We are expecting more than 50 million users in the next 3 years.

The Team

Anthony W

President/Chief Executive Officer

Ben Wellington

Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Patrícia de Menezes Barbosa

Executive Vice President/Finance Director

Rahul Nambiampurath

Banking And Finance Manager

Sachin Sharma

Technical Lead Manager

Nitish Kasar

Senior Blockchain Developer

Devashish Tomar

Senior Blockchain Developer

Aileen Cerda

International Digital Marketing Manager

Katrina Velasquez

PR And Communications Manager

Tian Zhao

Senior Product Manager

N Drissi El Bouzaidi

Senior Product Designer

Shanique Adams

Compliance Director

Melvin Yung

Business Development Manager

Antonis Hannas

Business Development Manager

Eric Cristobal

Community And Business Development Manager

Avdyl Bytyqi

Finance And Community Manager

Matt Schrage

ICO Advisor And Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Toska Mardian Wurika

Business Advisor

Steven Glascock

Banking And Finance Advisor


Token Info

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0.0000 USD

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Min. investment
0.15 ETH
Distributed in ICO

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